Why Do Twins Dress Alike? Mystery Solved!

You might have seen young and adult twins wearing the same dresses in your daily life. Nevertheless, they look too adorable. But mostly, parents of twins dress them the same only when they are young and have no likes or dislikes. But I have seen adult twins of 25 years and up dressing the same. You might have noticed it too.

Here, a question clicks hard on the mind: Why do twins dress alike? Twins dress alike because they love to enjoy their uniqueness as twins. But parents should be careful not to make their twins wear similar outfits each time. Otherwise, there are chances that they’d hardly face changes in their future lives and might fail to identify their individual personality.

Only the twins themselves or their parents can answer this question in a better way. In this post, we took twin parents’ opinions for why parents of twins make them wear similar dresses. Let’s solve the mystery together.

Should You Dress Your Twins Alike?

twin girls

Dressing your twins alike when they are young enough to make their own choices is fine. However, you should not always make them wear similar outfits. It affects their distinct personality. They start thinking from each other’s perspectives rather than their own vision. But if your kids choose to dress alike, you should respect their decision. But you should give them options to express their individual choice and create their own style.

Sometimes parents of young twin kids feel it convenient to buy similar outfits. Also, they respect their kids’ choices who want to dress up alike. It also happens that if parents purchase different outfits, twin siblings start fighting since they think that their brother’s or sister’s outfit is prettier than hers.

Why Do Parents of Twins Make Them Wear Same Dresses?

Parents of twins make them wear similar dresses because they consider it easy to pick up and manage similar outfits for any occasion. Also, they think that their twins look cute in similar clothes. Also, people are fascinated by twins, and they stop to praise wherever they see twins in similar outfits.

But some twin parents are against dressing their twins in the same dresses. They support the point that every individual is different. When you start dressing your two kids in the same outfits from an early age just because they are similar in appearance, they’ll lose their personality and choices. It is better to allow them to thrive as individuals by praising their uniqueness.

However, most parents gave the reasons for buying similar outfits for twins because they wanted to wear the same dresses. Therefore, parents had no choice to avoid tantrums.

How To Dress Twin Boys and Girls?


Most parents get confused about how to dress twin boys and girls. Should twins dress alike? Do wearing the same dresses affect their mental growth? The answer is no, and no scientifically proven evidence available on wearing similar outfits affects mental growth. However, as parents, you should never impose or force your kids to follow your choice in wardrobe. Allow them to make the decision and respect their choice. It will make the bond between you and your kids stronger.

Here are tips on dressing twins to break this similar dress taboo.

  • You can select coordinating outfits for twins. These dresses will be the same but in different colors. For example, you can coordinate a Santa fairy dress with deer Rudolph hooded shirts.
  • Contrast clothing looks more pretty while dressing up twins. For example, if your twin boy wears black pants with a white shirt, your twin girl will look adorable in full black with some white design.
  • Matching dresses are a great option for family occasions, Christmas, and photography sessions. For example, if you are purchasing a Mario dress for your twin girl, make sure to get one for your boy as well. Also, you can coordinate a Santa fairy dress with deer Rudolph hooded shirts.
  • Dress your twin kids differently to avoid any inconvenience at babysitting, school, and friends’ home.

Do Twins Mimic Each Other?

Yes, twins mimic each other because they consider their other baby brother or sister as role models. It is true for twins, but almost all babies attract more towards babies of the same age. Maybe they understand each other’s language. They show happiness and fighting behaviour at the same time.

You might have experienced that twins mimic each other rather than their parent’s speech. It’s natural. In scientific terms, this mimicry is named cryptophasia or idioglossia.

Do Twins Always Like Same Things?

twin boys

Mostly, twins like the same things. They need similar clothes, shoes and other items of daily needs. You might be surprised to know that most identical twins think in the same way. They can sense each other feelings. Some twins even watch similar dreams too. Moreover, some twins also narrated that if one gets sick, the other follows the same routine. If one of the twins feels pain, the other one also feels the same.

However, it is not the case always. Twins with different thinking and choice also exist on this planet.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you get the point that why do twins dress alike. If you have twins, allow them to make choices. Also, encourage them to prove their individual personality by making choices. If they are comfortable with it, you should dress your twins alike. If not, don’t forcefully impose your choice on them.

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