OZKIZ X Bread Barbershop Collaboration : INTRODUCTION

Some of you may have already noticed, but Korean Kidswear Brand OZKIZ has started collaborating with one of the famous animation serious on Netflix, <Bread Barbershop>! After we started the collaboration with Bread Barbershop, we have been releasing many different products with adorable and cool Bread Barbershop characters! Not familiar with Bread Barbershop? Let me give you a short introduction!


bread barbershop

<Bread Barbershop> is a Korean animation produced by MONSTER STUDIO. The story inside the barbershop with Bread the barber, and his two assistants, Wilk and Choco. The customers who come to the barbershop as customers are “desserts” and specifically the story is about decorating them! Just last year, <Bread Barbershop> was in the TOP 10 for being the most popular global TV Show series on Netflix. How awesome is that! Apparently, it wasn’t just for kids content, they placed TOP 10 in the whole TV Show part.

<Bread Barbershop> Characters

What’s more interesting than getting to know the main characters of the show? Let’s take a look! 😊


bread barbershop bread

The Best Genius Barber in the Bakery

With a blunt and cynical personality, it seems that he is self-centered and only like money. However, he has a warm heart and secretly takes care of his neighbors in trouble. Bread runs a barbershop and collects yachts and sports cars with a lot of money.


bread barbershop wilk

Bread’s Mischief Assistant

Wilk is full of mistakes and there’s nothing he can do properly, but his passion for haircuts is strong than anyone else out there. Because of his excessive enthusiasm, he makes the people around him very tired. He takes an important roll of making fresh cream from milk inside his body too. But he needs to be always aware of the expiry date of the milk and change it frequently!


bread barbershop choco

Cashier at Bread Barbershop

Choco is very dark, chic, and anti-social. He works as a cashier at Bread Barbershop, but he is not really interested in the job. He spends most of his time reading magazines and shopping online. He hates working overtime and even goes on a strike when pay is delayed. Yikes!


bread barbershop sausage

Bread and Wilk’s Pet Dog

Sausage is the smartest and most mature character of all the characters in Bread Barbershop! However, because he is not a bread, he is often ignored by other characters. How sad. On the good side, he is very good at socializing. 😊


bread barbershop potato chip

Owner of Potato Chip’s Beauty Salon

Of course we can’t forget about the bad character in the story! Because of Bread Barbershop, Potato Chip’s Beauty Salon is always empty. He uses all sorts of mean and vicious ways to ruin Bread Barbershop. Oh no!

Other than these characters we also have Cheese, Butter, Cake Princess, Cake Queen, Croissant, Macaron, Pretzel, Ice Cream and many more!

Which character do you like the best? I’ll be back soon to show you more about the products we made in collaboration with <Bread Barbershop>. Stay tuned everyone! 😊

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