Matching Sisters Look for Fall 2021

If you are a mom of daughters, I am sure you have tried to match looks of your children. It’s cute and lovely when you match your children’s clothes.

Some parents may think it’s difficult and some may think it’s easy. Well, it’s easy to dress them, but do they match well? Matching clothes can mean matching with the exact same clothes but to look a little trendy and casual, going with similar style or having just the same point item will look best.

Let me introduce you to some great sisters look with Korean kidswear brand OZKIZ 21FW collection.

If you have yet started shopping for kids fall clothes, take a closer look!

1. Same pattern item: Flowers
Like the below coordination, it’s easy to go with the same line of the product.
Normally there are more than 2 variation of the same line of the product.
It’s easy to match them together as they were designed to match with each other. The easiest is to follow the same line.

matching sisters look

Dress: ‘Butter Flower’ Dress(Headband Set)
Top: ‘Cream Flower Long Sleeve Knit Top’
Pants: ‘Butter Flower’ Pants

2. Same point image: Strawberry
The second is following the same point image. Like the coordination below, it’s not the exact same strawberry for each clothing but you can match them together as they are the same fruit. You can mix and match with strawberry cardigan-skirt and strawberry top-bottom.

matching sisters look

Cardigan: ‘Milk Berry’ Knit Cardigan
Pants: ‘Like Berry’ Pants
Top: ‘Cream berry’ Long Sleeve Knit Top
Skirt: ‘Red Anne’ Skirt

3. Same point concept: Heart
This one is similar to the second coordination. The heart patterns are not the same shapes, but they can match as they are the same concept: heart patterns. Also, the same point color red in both clothing which you can match as well.

matching sisters look

Dress: ‘Heart Soda’ Knit Long Dress
Top:  ‘Heart Poke’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Skirt: ‘Heart Poke’ Skirt

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