Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2021 for Toddlers and Kids

It’s getting a bit chilly in the morning here in South Korea. I guess it is really the start of autumn. I personally really love autumn because I tend to get hot very easily during summer and just can’t stand it. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of you who are like me too. Haha😊
Anyways, the start of autumn means it’s the beginning of September and then comes October. And this also means that Halloween is just around the corner! YAY! Who is excited for Halloween already? ME! ME! ME! Actually, Halloween wasn’t such a big thing here as compared to other countries. However, recently it has become a pretty popular event.
Here at OZKIZ, our designers have come together with many ideas to develop Halloween costumes for our special customers. Let me introduce you some of the best Halloween costumes for toddlers and kids from OZKIZ!

1. Super Mario Halloween Costume

Our most popular Halloween costume here at OZKIZ! Super Mario Halloween costumes available for girls and boys! For boys we have the overalls, for girls we have the overall skirt. Both overalls come with a Mario hat too! You can also wear it with the Mario mask made of organic cotton.

super mario halloween costume for boys

'Mario' Overalls Top and Bottom Set (Hat Set)

super mario halloween costume for girls

'Mario' Overall Skirt Top and Bottom Set (Hat Set)

super mario cotton mask for kids

'Mario' Organic Cotton Mask (Free Size)

2. Witch Halloween Costume

Are you a lover of the classic witch costume? We have ‘Little Witch’ Dress that comes with a Hat. Also, Bread Barbershop ‘Witch Cupcake’ Dress that comes with a headband is also a great Witch Halloween Costume!

witch halloween costume for girls

'Little Witch' Dress (Hat Set)

bread barbershop witch halloween costume

Bread Barbershop 'Witch Cupcake' Dress (Headband Set)

3. Dinosaur Halloween Costume

Do you love dinosaurs? We also have dinosaur Halloween costume ready for you here at OZKIZ! ‘T-Rex Dinosaur’ All-In-One Top and Bottom Set - You can also wear this as toddler Halloween pajamas. ‘Dinosaur’ All-In-One Halloween Costume Cape that also comes with a hat and mask! How COOL!😊

dinosaur halloween costume for kids'T-Rex Dinosaur' All-In-One Top and Bottom Set

dinosaur halloween costume cape for kids

'Dinosaur' All-In-One Halloween Costume Cape (Hat, Mask Set)

4. Princess Halloween Costume

Want to become a princess this Halloween? We have many different princess-themed dresses for you lovely girls out there.

purple princess halloween costume dress

'Purple Rosa' Dress (Jewelry, Magic Wand Set)

princess ariel halloween costume dress

'Ariel Princess' Dress (Jewelry Set)

pink princess halloween costume dress

'Summer Juju' Dress (Magic Wand, Necklace Set)

5. Kids Halloween Face Masks

Of course we can’t forget Halloween face masks too! We have prepared various kids Halloween face masks for 2021 Fall Collection.

kids halloween face mask‘Lumi Cat’ Halloween Mask for Kids

kids halloween face mask

‘Pearly Cat’ Halloween Mask for Kids

kids halloween face mask glasses
'Red Nosed Cat' Halloween Party Mask/Glasses For Kids


My person favorite is the Mario Halloween Costumes and the ‘Purple Rosa’ Dress. 😊 I hope these awesome costumes helped you out to choose your daughter’s or your son’s Halloween costume! Get ready for this year's Halloween with OZKIZ!

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