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Hi everyone, I’m back with another blog post. I hope everyone is having a great day. The weather here in Seoul is a bit gloomy. It has been raining a lot recently. Oh no… ☹ Anyways! Today, I’m going to show you and recommend some of the products (clothes and shoes) from our collaboration with <Bread Barbershop>! I’m very excited to show you them.


bread barbershop striped t-shirt

This is one of the tops from our latest 2021 Fall Collection. This long sleeve t-shirt is available in two different colors: RED and BLUE. It has a printing of one of the Bread Barbershop characters! Can you guess who that is? It’s Wilk! In addition, It’s a very simple basic striped t-shirt that you match with any bottom. Also great for a sibling look or twin look.
bread barbershop sweatshirt
One of the coolest sweatshirts I’ve ever seen! This sweatshirt comes in three colors: BLUE, IVORY, and ORANGE. It comes with 4 different patches that you can stick on the sweatshirt however you like. The characters for the patches are Bread, Wilk, Choco, and Sausage. I’ll show you a more detailed photo below.


bread barbershop t-shirt and pants set
bread barbershop t-shirt and pants set
The reason why I like to recommend sets is because it is just so easy for you to dress up your kids! We have the top and bottom ready for you. This will save up your time. 😊 For the pink set, our lovely Macaron from Bread Barbershop is on the t-shirt. For the blue set, we have our awesome Wilk. These sets are also great for that sibling look or twin look as mentioned above.


bread barbershop raincoat
bread barbershop raincoat
Need an adorable raincoat for that rainy day? What’s better than a Bread Barbershop raincoat! We also made raincoats for the collaboration. The pink one is with Macaron and Choco. The blue one is with Bread and Wilk. Don’t forget, it also comes with a pouch for you to put your raincoat in.


bread barbershop kids indoor slippers
Of course, you can’t forget about or OZKIZ Noise Reducing Slippers for the collaboration! This is our first noise reducing slippers that we made with Bread Barbershop.

The noise reducing slippers are similar to the other regular noise reducing slippers we have in store. The slippers come in four different versions (characters) : Pink (Macaron), Orange (Sausage), Blue (Wilk), and Red (Cake Princess).

Are you a fan of Bread Barbershop? Are you dealing with apartment noise complaints or noise between floors? OR are you all the above? I recommend getting these slippers! 😊 I’m actually wearing one as I type this post haha.

bread barbershop kids indoor slippers
This is our VERY, VERY special collaboration product that we made with Bread Barbershop. It’s the three-layer noise reducing slippers. Yes, it has more cushion than the normal noise reducing slippers and prevents noise better too!

It comes in three colors (characters) : Beige (Bread), Pink (Ice Cream), and Blue (Cheese).

Did you notice? The colors (characters) are different from the ‘Bakery Town’ Noise Reducing Slippers! So you can get the slippers in your favorite Bread Barbershop character. Yay!

I plan to write about this product in more detail in another blog post. I’ll be back soon! Please stay tuned. 😊
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