Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Dressing Up Your Kids for Winter

Kids look too cute when dressed up in full winter gear. Cold weather can’t restrict the everyday activities of your kids. They need to go out for school and playtime even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, toddlers lose their body heat quickly through exposed areas when visiting outdoors in the snow.

So, if you live in a region with heavy snowfall, dressing up your child with the right winter suiting is crucial to prevent hypothermia. Mostly, new parents have no idea about how to dress up kids for winter? They bundle up their naughty bunnies with too many layers. Consequently, the little ones get either too warm or too cold.

Finally, in this post, we will discuss the top 4 mistakes you should avoid when dressing up your kids for winter. Ready to learn how to dress up your kids appropriately for winters?

Here we go!

1. Consider Temperature Guidelines


Before you dress up your kids for chill weather, make sure to check temperature guidelines. Above 23°C, one layer of clothing is enough for kids. Also, below15 °C doesn’t mean to overburden your kids with too many clothes. Your kids can go well with long sleeves and full pants.

Between 10 to 15°C, your child should wear sweaters, hoodies, and light jackets such as fleece, faux fur and, quilted jackets. However, 5 to 10°C, a warm coat is crucial to beat the chill. Below 5°C, dress up your munchkin with warm mittens, a hat, and a winter coat. Below 0 degrees celsius, make sure to dress up your young ones with snow pants, winter jackets, hats, and mittens.

2. Avoid Dressing Your Child with Too Many Layers

Your child may get cranky and uncomfortable if you dress him up with too many layers. Young kids keep busy in fun-making and can’t realize if they are getting too cold or hot. Therefore, dress them up with layers depending on the temperature. If they are indoors with the heating on, a onesie, a sweatshirt, a light sweater, and a pair of non-slip socks will be enough. Similarly, when the heat is on in the car, your toddler doesn’t need to wear a winter jacket until you get out in the snow.

Check the toes and hands of your young ones; if they are cold, it means your bunny is chilling. Put on extra layers to keep the little bunny warm. Contrarily, if you notice heavy breathing and blushing, it’s time to thin the layers.

3. Don’t Force Kids to Fit in Tight Jackets

boys winter jacket

Most winter clothes get tight each year as your little munchkin grows fast. Sometimes, kids insist on wearing their favorite winter coats from last year’s wardrobe. Also, sometimes you think that your toddler will fit in a tight jacket. Don’t do this.

Too tight and too loose clothes can’t keep your kids warm. This is because the air pockets between the cloth layers act as insulation. The winterwear that sticks to the body causes sweat and blood circulation problems. Consequently, your child can get cold. Also, cool air enters the loose-fitting clothes, and your child can be chilly. 

4. Steer Clear of Cotton Clothes in Winter

Cotton clothes are an option for summer because they absorb sweat and keep the body cool. These are not made for winters since they can’t beat the chill. However, your child can put on them as a layer underneath the outer layer to trap warmth. Other options are fleece, merino, wool, polypropylene fabric that keeps kids warm in cool weather.  

How Should Babies Dress Up for Sleeping in Winter?

baby in snow

Proper dressing is crucial for Infants and toddlers at bedtime. Typically, young kids hate blankets. In addition, loose sheets or blankets might suffocate them by covering their heads. Therefore, a bodysuit or onesie is enough for babies and toddlers at night.

In addition, use a sleep sack or swaddling blanket for covering the little one at night. Your child’s bedroom temperature should be between 20°C to 22°C throughout the year, whether it is summer or winter.

How To Dress Up Babies for A Winter Walk?

For a winter walk, dress up your baby with a onesie, socks, full-body fleece suit, mittens, hat, and a snowsuit. Also, take a warm blanket to cover the baby. Toddlers and older kids should also fleece leggings and wear snow boots. Make sure to consider temperature before dressing up your kids.

Fresh air is equally healthy for you and your kids. But, unfortunately, in winters, you spend a lot of time indoors that makes kids bored and cranky. A short stroller walk is a great option to get the fresh air for babies and kill your boredom.

Final Thoughts

Dressing up your kids is great art. New parents master this art with experience. But knowing the top mistakes that you make while dressing up your kids for winter is crucial. Momma keeps learning what makes her children comfortable and whatnot. Make sure that your kid’s winter gear should be of the suitable fabric, proper size and fulfill its purpose of beating the chill.

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