How to Style Your Kid in Winter With Accessories

In the winter it can be difficult to style your kids with just clothes. And that's when accessories, such as socks, scarves, mittens, hats, etc. comes in handy. :) Here at OZKIZ, our designers also make accessories to give our kids that stylish look. Let me some of our OZKIZ winter accessories and I will let you know how you can style your kid in the winter with accessories!


1. ‘Soft Piggy’ Mask Earmuffs

kids mask earmuffs
A nice earmuff or a face mask is a great way to style your kid in the winter! Also, it is a great item to keep your child's face warm and cozy. With a character on the mask or a unique color, this item will help your child stand out from the crowd.

2. ‘Petit Animal’ Tights

girls cute tights


For winter, it is necessary to wear warm tights under dresses or skirts for our little girls. Tights with cute and adorable character embroideries is a great way to style your kid. These tights are one of the best-selling tights from our winter collection! Even though the tights are in simple color, the embroidery makes it lovely. 

3. ‘Round Cotton Rabbit’ Hairpin

girls rabbit hairpin


Aren't these so, so adorable? A lot of our parents like to put hairpins on their daughters. Ribbon hairpins, fruit hairpins, or animal design hairpins are popular right now here at OZKIZ! Don't worry, these are not real rabbits. Hahaha. Once you put these on your girl, I bet she will look awesome!

4. ‘Heart Pom Pom’ Scarf

girls winter scarf

A lovely scarf with cute design is a necessary fashion item for your kid in the winter! It's a great way to give a point to your daughter's clothes. It would be even better if you can match the colors with the dresses they wear.

5. ‘Denim Bucket’ Hat

kids denim bucket hat

Last but not least, a hat! A hat is a great item to style your kid in the winter. The hat will also keep your kid's head warm and protect them from directly facing the cold wind


What kind of winter accessories do you like best?

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