How to Save on Children's Clothes

Are you one of those parents who always must buy new clothing for your children after every season because they grow up so fast and you cannot keep up? Do you have children who are growing so fast that the clothes and shoes you bought for them last winter won’t fit them this coming winter anymore? Well, you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with having a child who grows up so quickly, that is normal. In fact, that is really good. That means your child is healthy and you are doing your job well in raising your offspring. But with the economic problems we are facing amidst the pandemic, it is not easy in our pockets to keep changing their wardrobe every season, right?

As a parent, we always want to see our child in their stylish outfit but branded outfits are so expensive and let’s face it, impractical to buy. There is nothing wrong with spending hundreds or thousands of bucks for a pair of shoes or set of clothes for your child, if you have a lot of money to splurge, but, if you are just in the middle range, there are many other options that are not as expensive but just as cute and stylish as the signature ones.

When I gave birth to my first born child, like any other mothers, I also prepared for the time that I could dress him up and bought him nice clothes; even luxury branded ones. But I was disappointed because he could not even wear it for more than a year. He was growing up so fast that the following winter, his coat looked so small to him. And so, I learned my lesson. Now, I always buy one size bigger so that it will still fit him even after a year.

Local brands like OZKIZ offer a lot of cute and stylish clothes for children at an affordable and practical price. Their clothes are very comfortable and really loved by many children and mothers because of the style.  OZKIZ offer a wide range of selection for your little ones and you can be assured of the quality. And because of the high quality of materials used for their products, it can be passed on to your second child and it would not even look old or worn out.

I have learned to let my child wear hand-me-downs from my friends or cousins overseas who also have a boy, and they saved me lots of money.  It made me realize that your child’s outfit does not always have to be brand new because if you buy a good quality clothing, it will not easily look shabby and can be passed on to the next child.  Second handed or hand-me-down clothes are practical to save money on children’s clothing. Like mentioned above, children grow up fast, therefore their clothes are not really overworn anyway.

Buy during sale and buy one size bigger. This is what I usually do now. When there is end of season sale and clothes are on sale, I would take advantage of that moment and buy many so that when the next season comes and when prices go up or back to normal, I do not have to pay for the regular price.

Handle your children’s clothes with care. Check on the tag to see how you are supposed to care your child’s clothes. Some do not need to be washed by the washing machine, some need to be washed by hand, or dry cleaned and some do not need to be ironed, some need more care. If you know how to handle your child’s clothes, you can pass it on or resell it. That way, you do not have to worry where to get money for the next season’s wardrobe. Reselling is very popular nowadays and many mothers are now interested in buying second-handed clothes because they do not look old, and some are even good as new.

Buy the basics and plain ones because of their versatility. You can easily mix and match them with other trendy pants or shirts. The entire outfit does not always have to be trendy. As you know, trendy pieces come and go, thus your child may not want to wear the same style next season. Basic colors and prints are the way to go. It is easy to mix and match and they won’t even notice when it was bought.

Saving on clothes means saving the planet too. Clothes that are being thrown in landfills have the 4th biggest environmental impact. Therefore, it is very important to plan before buying because every small act counts in saving our planet.


Writer: Hazel May Vinluan-Kim

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