How Has K-Pop Culture Influenced Children’s Fashion in Korea?

Every time the music of BTS or Black Pink or other popular K-Pop groups, goes on air, people become so crazy about it. In fact, even children nowadays are so fascinated with their music. Their song is everywhere and loved by so many that their fans are now copying even their fashion.  The style they wear is deeply loved by their followers because it is wearable despite the bold colors and daring combinations.

What is K-Pop fashion by the way? They are usually seen in pleated plaid, open skirts, oversized t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, ramen bowl t-shirts, to BTS and EXO inspired boots and caps, anyone who has not heard or seen this might be living out of this world. K-Pop is apparently making massive waves of style and fashion internationally.  What is good about their style is that they are not afraid to express themselves and explore their creativity. They wear pastels or bold colors; they dye their hair in different colors as a way of self-expression. This inspires people to express themselves better rather than be afraid of experimenting their clothes.

South Korea is the origin of K-Pop or Korean Pop genre of popular music. The music is immensely influenced by styles from around the world like experimental, rock, jazz, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country and classical. With the ministry of culture and tourism being supportive of their music and promotion, it has succeeded in the music industry together with the country full blasting in technology.

The fans that love them passionately are crazy about everything they do and that includes the fashion they wear. Even though K-Pop stars love wearing luxurious brands and runway fashion, people can adapt their style because of the street style and ease that comes with it. It is not something that cannot be worn by ordinary people wear. In fact, with the right taste of mix and matching, their fans can easily copy it. This is also the reason why many children look up to them as their style inspiration whether it is for special occasion or street style. Their Pop icons can easily be accessed through Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook or other platforms for the fashionista.

Although every K-Pop concept forms its individual visual world, there is a universal audaciousness that pervades. Any of the favored artists can be seen wearing crop tops, bejeweled blouses, pleats, colorful suits, big shirts, loose pants or shorts and hats. Everything is skillfully synchronized and calculated to achieve maximum impact.

Parents who equally love K-Pop are even the ones that encourage their children to mimic their favorite idols. They love seeing their children copying the dance steps and singing the songs of their beloved K-Pop group such as BTS, EXO, Black Pink, Girl’s Generation, and more. By watching their music videos over and over again, it is inevitable that children adopt and memorize their idol’s style.

Copying the K-Pop style does not mean buying your children the branded clothes just like what their idols are wearing. It just needs to look like the same style or color, and they are good to go. In fact, those pieces of clothes might already be in their wardrobe for a long time. It just needs proper mix and match skills. And children are incredibly good in copying. Therefore, parents don’t need to fret about having to buy expensive clothes just to be able to let their children follow their favorite K-Pop stars.

By following their idols, children can explore and experiment and eventually discover their own sense of style. This is something that children need to unravel on their own because this can also contribute to enhancing their self-esteem and self-identification. Through the different experiments children make as they grow up, they are able to develop their personality and identify which one they really want or do not want to be.  Truly, the influence and impact of K-Pop is very palpable in this era and not only among the adults and teenagers but among children as well.


Writer: Hazel May Vinluan-Kim

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