How To Dry Baby Clothes Without Shrinking? 5 Fantastic Tips!

New parents purchase many clothes for their unborn babies. In excitement, they don’t focus on the type of fabric. The problem arises when the clothes shrink after the first wash. Of course, it’s annoying to watch these cute baby outfits shrinking. So, how to dry baby clothes without shrinking? For washing baby clothes, use cold water and low heat settings for drying. Also, read and follow the wash instructions on the label before you wash baby clothes.

If you want to keep your baby’s clothes in tip-top shape, this post is for you. Read it till the end and discover why clothes shrink in a washer and dryer.

What Is the Best Way to Dry Baby Clothes?

Sun-drying is the best way to dry baby clothes because it refreshes and disinfects the clothes. Baby clothes are made of blended fabrics, and each material reacts differently in a washer. The loosely woven fabric of baby clothes is more likely to shrink if tossed in a dryer. Therefore, it is recommended to air-dry such garments and keep them on a flat surface for drying.

Why Baby Clothes Shrink?

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Baby clothes are more likely to shrink if you wash them in really hot water. Often baby clothes are made of woven fabric. During the wash, the mothers usually throw all clothes at once. Some mothers think that hot water will disinfect their baby’s clothes. It’s a wrong washing practice. When loosely woven baby clothes get stretched during the wash cycle, the cloth shrinks. In short, hot water is the major reason for shrinking baby clothes.

Is It OK to Put Baby Clothes in Dryer?

Yes, it is OK to put baby clothes in a dryer but make sure to dry on low-temperature settings. Also, check the care labels before putting baby clothes in a dryer. If it is mentioned on the label that you can’t dry these clothes, you should avoid drying them. Otherwise, shrinking may happen. Instead, go for line drying, but it wastes a lot of time.

What Settings to Dry Clothes Without Shrinking?

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Set your washer at the cold wash and use a delicate cycle if you want to dry clothes without shrinking. Use low heat or air-dry settings to dry the clothes. Avoid adding clothes that are not recommended to dry in a dryer. Wool clothes are more likely to shrink if washed in hot water. Therefore, identify the fabric before tossing it in the washer. Plus, if your washer has tumble settings, you can use motion settings for drying baby clothes.

Can You Unshrink Baby Clothes?

Yes, you can unshrink the baby clothes. Follow these steps to discover how.

  • Add lukewarm water to a bucket of water.
  • Add baby shampoo to the bucket.
  • Toss in clothes needed to unshrink and gently knead them with hands.
  • Stretch the clothes with hands, wash, and rinse.
  • Air-dry the clothes.

Tips To Prevent Baby Clothes from Shrinking

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Here are the tips for preventing baby clothes from shrinking. Read on to discover more.

Identify the fabric: Before washing, you should be familiar with the type of fabric of your baby clothes. Never wash woolen fabric in hot water because it will shrink.

Read the care label: Almost all the ready-to-wear clothes have a care tag stitched inside the clothes. It mentions the important instructions about washing and drying clothes. Read them carefully before washing and drying clothes. Some kids’ clothes can be tumble-dried on low settings without damaging the fabric.

Remove damp clothes: Remove the baby clothes from the dryer when they’re still wet. Place them in a ventilated area for further drying.

Fold the dried clothes: Don’t leave the dried laundry on the line. It also causes the shrinking of clothes. Instead, remove them from the line and fold them as soon as possible.

Use Sweater Drying Rack: For knitted and woven clothes, use a drying sweater rack that dries clothes using room temperature and adds moisture to the room.


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If you want to prevent the shrinking of baby clothes, avoid twisting and wringing them too hard.  Use low heat settings in dryer and wash clothes with cold water. Instead of hanging, air-dry the woven fabric by placing it flat on a surface. By following these tips, you can easily dry baby clothes without shrinking.

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