Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Winter Boots for Your Kids

Selection of the proper winter boots is a daunting task for parents. Before you go shopping for winter boots for your kids, you think about buying perfect shoes for snowy playgrounds and sledding hills. In addition, you might select cozy, warm, and comfortable boots that are easy to get on and off. But unfortunately, most parents have no idea how to choose the right winter boots for their kids. And every boot shopping ends in repeated market visits for return or exchange.

So, what are the top mistakes parents make when choosing winter boots for their kids? If you are curious to know, just read the post till the end.

1. Avoid Buying Water Resistant Shoes for Heavy Snow

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If you live in a region with heavy snowfall, choose a completely waterproof boot for your kids instead of water-resistant footwear. Water-resistant boots are suitable for drizzle and light snowfall. Contrarily, waterproof boots have an inner lining and tight seam that prevents water from getting in through lace holes. It’s a complete barrier!

2. Don’t Purchase Ankle Boots for Snow

While purchasing snow boots for kids, make sure that the shoe height is at least halfway up the calf. It will prevent snow from slipping in through the top. Ankle boots are not suitable for heavy snow. However, your kids can wear these as regular warm winter footwear.  In addition, cowboy boots are not for snowy streets and puddles, but your kids can wear them on dry fall days.

3. Buy Lace Free Boots for Younger Kids

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Lace-up boots are not for kids younger than 5 years. It is better to buy pull-on and slip-on boots with a side zip that doesn’t need fastening. Footwears with elastic side panels can stretch and fit perfectly to your kid’s foot. For toddlers, you should choose shoes with a button or velcro closure. By doing so, you can train them to fasten their boots. However, you can buy lace-up shoes for older kids who know to tie laces.

4. Ensure to Select the Right Size

Knowing the right size of your kid is the most crucial thing while you make a purchase. Most parents question, “how much bigger should I buy my child’s shoes?” The answer is, Never buy boots that are too small or too big. Measure both feet of your child in a standing position, make sure that their toes are straight. The size of the bigger foot will be the perfect size for your baby. If the size is between the 2 sizes, opt for the bigger number.

5. Avoid Too Tight or Too Lose Snow Boots

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The other frequently asked the question is, “Should snow boots be tight or loose?” Here’s the answer, smaller boots lead to cold feet, and bigger ones wear out faster. Therefore, the best snow boot is one that fits comfortably to your kids’ feet. 

In fact, it is the heat of your child’s foot that keeps the footwear warm, not the shoe itself. The insulation of good quality winter footwear keeps the feet warm by trapping the heat in the space around the foot. That’s why more oversized shoes can’t trap the heat of the foot. But, on the other hand, too small shoes don’t provide enough space to warm up the foot. In addition, it leads to circulation issues and difficulty in walking.

6. Never Compromise on Style Over Comfort

When shopping for your kid’s winter boots, never choose style over comfort. Sparkles and sheepskin boots might attract you and your naughty girl, but these are not for unshoveled footpaths with heavy snowfall.

Also, you might be confused by the different styles and colors of snow boots. Some of them are lighter, while others are heavy-duty. Just keep in mind the purpose and the comfort factor before purchasing them for your kids. Those with inner fleece lining are an excellent pick for your kids’ winter snow boots. Also, the heavy non-slip soles are not for indoors but ideally prevent your kids from falling outdoor in icy conditions.

Is It Okay to Buy Used Shoes for Kids?

Buying used shoes is not Okay for kids. This is because the inside of these shoes is adjusted to the size of the previous owner. In addition, the heel and sole of the used shoes will deform easily. Therefore, it is better to invest in a new pair instead of used ones.

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Final Thoughts

When you purchase a winter boot for your child, make sure that he can walk comfortably in the pair. The size and purpose of the shoes matter a lot instead of style. Kids grow fast; therefore, you should buy winter shoes that can go well in one season. You won’t regret it if you invest in quality winter footwear.

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