9 Easy Fun Halloween Activities for Kids At Home

The first holiday of the fall season-Halloween is on its way. Though the pandemic is not entirely over, the restrictions have been lifted for now. So, your kids might be excited to celebrate Halloween, but they won’t be able to get together as they do before Covid since care guidelines are still crucial to follow. Therefore, Don’t worry and make this spooky occasion super fun by arranging Halloween activities for kids at home.

In this post, you’ll find 9 easy and fun Halloween activities for toddlers and preschoolers at home. So, read on and enjoy together. 

1. Build a Toilet Paper Mummy

Yes, you can now create your own mummy. For this, you’ll need to split up into 2 groups. First, select one person that you’ll mummify. Then, grab extra toilet rolls, set the timer, and start when the countdown begins. The group that makes a mummy fast will win.

2. Make Pumpkin Crafts

halloween pumpkin

Halloween fun is incomplete without pumpkin crafts. So, get an orange and green chart, ask your kids to cut the pumpkin shape, and then decorate it with sticky beads. Also, make dotted pumpkins by using posture colors. The other option is, purchase orange balloons and place a Halloween surprise in each of them. Then, make a pumpkin shape on their outer side using markers. Finally, pop up the balloons with your friends and collect the hidden surprise.

The third option is, fill in corn starch in the empty orange balloons and tie their mouth. Make sure not to fill them up with air. Now, draw a mouth and eyes on it using a black marker. Your kids will love this soft and spongy balloon pumpkin.

3. Halloween Candy Shop

Your kids might have gathered too many Halloween candies. Let them create a shop, the elder kid will be the shopkeeper, and the rest will become customers. Then, make structures using pumpkin candies and chopsticks.

The other way to play with Halloween candies is, split up into two teams. Then, arrange a bowl, stack of sweets and, a pair of chopsticks for each group. Set the timer and start. The group that transfers more candies to the bowl using chopsticks will win.

4. Blow Paper Ghosts

halloween ghost

Take a white paper and cut small-sized ghosts. Then, use a black marker to make different emotions on them. Now, use a straw and blow these strange ghosts.

Here’s another way to use the straws for a Halloween race. Buy two tiny plastic spiders from the dollar store. Set them on a whiteboard. Fix a borderline and start blowing spiders using straws. The spider that crosses the borderline soon will win the contest.

5. Halloween Coloring Projects

Kids of all ages love coloring. So, boost your kid’s coloring ability and let them do some creativity. For example, challenge your kids to make their favorite Halloween masks and color them. You can also make Frankenstein hats by using a shart sheet.

Trace your kids’ palms and paint them white. Next, make eyes on the palm, cut them, and flip them upside down. Finally, the spooky ghost hand decor is ready. Allow your kiddos to decorate the house with this decor.

You can gather hollow eggshells for Halloween. Ask your little munchkin to paint them. Then pour corn starch in the shells and crush them.

6. Halloween Make Up Challenge

halloween make up

Allow your kids to do your Halloween makeup. Yes, you read it right, mom. It’s the best time to interact with your young ones. Mostly, girls love to copy their moms. So, ask your little princess to do your make-up. Don’t worry if you have two girls. Then do it turn by turn, and the girl who has done the most horrible touch-up will win.

7. Halloween Dress Show Party

You kids might get bored because they won’t show their Halloween costumes to others due to Covid precautionary measures. Don’t worry. Just arrange a Halloween dress show party at home. Set a carpet as a ramp. And ask your kids to wear their costumes and walk on the ramp one by one as models do on a ramp.

8. Knock Down Ghost Cups

Turn disposable cups into ghosts by making faces on them. Then, assemble them to build a tower. Finally, allow your kids to knock it down using a small ball. The little one who hits the most will win.

You can also stack cans painted with Frankenstein’s faces. Then, try to knock them down in one shot. Whoever knocks most will win. 

9. Cardboard Monster Feeding

Take a big cardboard box and dress it up like a monster. Then, create its teeth using triangles of a white chart. Make sure to keep its mouth big enough so that it can gulp different stuff. Now, toss in things that you think monsters love to eat.

Final Words

Halloween is indeed great fun for kids. So don’t worry if your children can’t go for tricks-or-treating. Instead, arrange fun activities and celebrate this Halloween at home with your kids.

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