What Is Korean Fashion?


The Korean fashion industry has gained remarkable popularity worldwide due to social media practices in recent years. However, Korea’s developing economy, wealth, and western fashion trends have made a lot of evolutions in its fashion. But South Korean fashion is actually part of Korean culture. Due to a uniquely expressive and reflective style, South Korean fashion has positively impacted worldwide fashion trends. In the leading Korean city, Seoul, fashion weeks are organized twice a year.
In this post, you’ll discover the general info about Korean fashion, what K-fashion or Korean style is, Korean kids fashion and the causes of its popularity in the world.
Let’s jump in and explore more about Korean fashion.


What Is Korean Fashion Called?

Most fashion enthusiasts have a common query about what is Korean fashion called? Let’s answer: most people consider “hanbok” -a traditional Korean dress, a symbol of Korean fashion. Korean people wear this attire on special occasions. The basic traditional features of hanbok have been maintained as they were in the past. But with the aesthetic taste of times and changing social conditions, several hanbok styles are now a part of Korean fashion.


History reveals that ancient Korean people liked to dress up in white. By doing so, they reflected their serenity among neighbors and were called “the white-clad people.” However, the current Korean fashion trends are all about diversity. Now, you’ll notice a modern touch in hanbok styles, which is not only popular in Korea but also worldwide.


What Is Korean Street Fashion Called?


Youth worldwide, impressed by “K-Pop” and “K-Idol styles,” are curious to know what Korean Street Fashion is called. So, basically, there’s no specific name for Korean street style fashion. But, commonly, it includes a relaxed, youthful style blended with hip hop and rock aesthetics.

 If you walk through Korean streets, you’ll notice youth, especially teen males, wearing baggy tops with shorts or relaxed-fit pants. In short, it is versatile, elegant, and comfortable unisex clothing that attracts youth worldwide. Girls prefer ribbed shirts and dresses with leather jackets and pair them with skirts, trousers, or jeans.  In addition, they love to wear color contrasts instead of sticking to a single color.


Why Is Korean Fashion So Popular?

You might have seen Korean designers worldwide, so why is Korean fashion so popular? With the increased popularity of the Korean wave, including K-dramas, K-movies, K-pop bands, the Korean clothing style has become a trend worldwide.


Most Korean dramas depict styling ornaments, such as gat- a traditional Korean hat and unique and attractive hanbok styles. Besides K-wave, the creativity of Korean dress designers makes them famous all over the world. The way they use to blend Asian and Western trends is impressive. Ulzzang trend is an example of their remarkable efforts in the designing industry.


What Kinds Of Clothes Do People Wear In Korea?

People in Korea follow different fashion trends. However, most follow street style fashion in which young boys wear oversized baggy shirts and pair them with relaxed-fit pants or shorts.


On the other hand, girls prefer dresses, off-shoulder, cold shoulder tops, ribbed shirts, leather jackets paired with jeans, trousers, and skirts. One common thing in Korean street style fashion is that Korean women like to wear oversized clothing to hide their body structure.


South Korean Fashion Trends

Some of the South Korean fashion trends of both men and women are discussed below. So, have a look.


South Korean Street Style Trends for Men

Korea kids fashion


Baggy Slacks: Korean men like to wear wide-legged slacks in summer. For a smarter look, they pair them with plaid South Korean Jackets and t-shirts.


Baggy Hoodies: Baggy zipped, and pullover hoodies are the best options to layer in minimal clothes. Korean men pair them with tight-fitting jeans.


South Korean Street Style Trends For Women

Korea kids fashion


Baggy Jeans: Anything oversized is always a trend in South Korea. Girls style with baggy jeans and pair them with turtle necks and fitted blouses.


Flattering cropped tops: These tops are a trend in South Korea. Women wear flattering baggy or fitted cropped tops to achieve a stylish look.


Baggy Sweatshirts: Korean fashion designers have made either v-shaped or ripped baggy sweatshirts a symbol of glamor and style. Korean women pair them with pleated skirts, tight-fitted jeans, or slacks. Moreover, they tuck the shirt neatly to achieve a smart look.



What Kinds Of Clothes Do Kids Wear In Korea?

Korean kids fashion


Most kids in Korea wear sporty and loose clothes for them to be comfortable to move around.
Also many kids love cartoons and characters. Even if the parents don’t like to dress their kids cartoon clothes, eventually children wear what they like. Children from 3-6 years mostly wear a lot of leggings and Girls from 7-10 most likely to wear dresses. Boys from 7-10 mostly wear sweatshirts and comfortable pants
It’s either very cute and princess style or casual and active style.


Final Thoughts

If you are obsessed with Korean Fashion and want to know what Korean fashion is called, you will be satisfied now. No doubt, the Korean style is unique, elegant, and comfortable. Whenever a celebrity exhibits a new clothing trend on the screen, it soon gains popularity and becomes a part of Korean street style fashion.
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