What are Safety Clothes for Children and Babies?

Dressing up is fun! Children love to dress up and love fashion as much as adults do.  Boys and girls always dream of becoming superheroes and princesses and enjoy showing off their clothes to the people around them whether in school or at home. Even though they are not wearing fancy clothes, the thought of wearing new clothes always excites them. Even children love wearing trendy clothes too. It is extremely rewarding for parents to see their own child or children develop their own fashion
style and independence. However, before getting too excited for your little ones’ fashion, parents need to know that there are dos and don’ts when choosing the clothing and accessories for them according to their age.

While it is fun to see a little fashionista in your family, it is important that parents take note of the precautions when dressing the young ones.  Below are some tips to bear in mind when buying clothes for your children according to age:

For Babies:

  1. Hats with drawstrings are a big no-no for babies. They are very curious by nature and are not aware of danger. The strings can be a hazard if your baby puts them on their neck and they could get strangled with it accidentally.

  2. Clothes with buttons: Make sure that the buttons are properly sawn when used for babies. Loose buttons can easily be taken out by babies and put them in their mouth. They can be a choking hazard.

  3. Necklaces: Some parents love accessorizing their babies but oblivious of the hazard. Consider the size of the beads used and the durability or quality. Make sure that it is not poorly made and can easily be broken by babies. Again, those beads can choke babies if they put them in their mouth or could strangle your little one. It is better to avoid this accessory if the baby is too young.

  4. Gartered pants should be worn so it is easy for them to move and less hazardous for them.

  5. Onesies are best for home wear because they are quite easy to wear and comfortable for them.

    For Toddlers:

    1. Drawstrings are not allowed for toddlers because these kids can still be careless and move a lot. Strings can be dangerous in the playground equipment, vehicle doors and fences. They can get caught while playing and can lead to injury.

    2. Pajamas are best for sleep time compared to long gowns. Long gowns can be cute for them, but they can step on them, and it can be a tripping hazard. Pajamas on the other hand are made to snuggle fit your child and therefore comfortable for them when moving during sleep. Also choose pajamas that have fire-resistant material.

    3. Good shoes make the perfect outfit. However, it is more than just looks when buying shoes. Quality and comfort ability should be the number one consideration when buying shoes. Children move in them, so it needs to be perfectly fit for them. Non-skid soles are safety for them and choose Velcro or slip-on shoes, elastic or snap fasteners until your child is adept in tying his or her own shoelaces.

      1. Costumes are always attractive to children. They love dressing up into their favorite characters especially during Halloween. Make sure that it is made of comfortable fabric, which is breathable and will not suffocate them.

      2. Temperature: Wrong clothing can be too warm or too cool for your toddlers. Comfortable clothing permits absorption and ventilation allowing the body moisture to easily evaporate. If there is no ventilation in clothes, it can irritate the skin or cause skin allergy.

      3. Restriction: Children despise wearing clothes that restricts their body movement. Clothing that is not the right size for them can interfere with their activities. Try to avoid small necklines, small armholes, and tight sleeves and waistlines. Too large clothing can also cause children to trip therefore it should be avoided.

        Clothing your child wears should not be too complicated. They can always be fashionable and safe. The proper clothing can make your child happy and develop their self-esteem when they see that they are wearing the clothes of their favorite characters or favorite color or style. Teaching your child self-expression is good but there should still be parental guidance.


        Writer: Hazel May Vinluan-Kim

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