Is It Good to Be a Strict Parent?

Parenting was not as challenging in the past century as it has become nowadays. Teaching self-discipline and responsibility to a child seems the most complicated parenting task. As a parent, you might ask yourself many times, “Is it good to be a strict parent?” Yes, it is OK to be a strict parent only when you establish clear limits and teach kids that they are responsible for their actions.

Being over-strict is never acceptable. But what is the meaning of a strict parent? There are 2 definitions; mostly harsh, inflexible, and uncompromising parents are named strict parents that ruin the life of their kids. In the second definition, some parents are too caring, and they teach discipline strategically instead of in a punitive way. They also fall in the category of strict parents.

In this article, we’ll shed more light on how much strictness is acceptable anyways. Plus, you’ll know the answer for; is it good to be a strict parent and the advantages and disadvantages of a strict parent. Read it till the end to solve your confusion. 

Why Are Strict Parents Better?

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Strict parents are better because they are the legal caretakers of their kids. They are also responsible for their good and bad habits. If a child misbehaves in public, people first taunt parents that they haven’t disciplined their child.

You unintentionally try to impose the rules that your parents had applied on you. Sometimes, such practices have drastic outcomes. The modern era completely differs from the period when your parents brought you up. You can’t implement rules on them that your parents had applied to you.

You need to be a strict parent because, at this age, kids get everything ready on hand. They have many options to waste their time on gadgets and useless activities. And you can’t see them wasting their lives in front of you. Of course, if they’re sure that no one is monitoring them, they’ll never be able to fulfill their responsibilities. They’ll only do what they want, no matter good or bad.

Reasons Why Strict Parents Are Better?

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Here are a few reasons why strict parents are better. Let’s have a look.

  • A strict parent keeps an eye on the academic achievements of his child. It doesn’t mean that you lock your child in the room to study. It means helping your child whenever he needs it. Keep encouraging him and try to resolve all the hurdles in his success. Try your best to raise an obedient child who will perform well at home and in his academic life.
  • Strict or authoritative parents never compromise on discipline. Set rules at your home that if someone goes against discipline, he’ll be deprived of his favorite activity for a day or two. If your child has bullied someone at school, don’t allow him to use his tablet for some time. Again, it doesn’t mean to give any physical punishments.
  • Strict parents teach kids to speak the truth. They never punish their kids if they tell everything honestly.
  • Authoritative parents allow their kids to make healthy decisions. They teach them the right and wrong paths that help in confidence-building. As a result, kids become aware that they are responsible for their actions. If they perform well, they’ll succeed; if not, they’ll have to go through the consequences.

Why It Is Bad to Be a Strict Parent?

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If you are an over-strict parent, you might face the mentioned disadvantages.

  • Your kids will learn to speak lies in front of you because they fear punishment.
  • Your kids might hate you when they enter teenage. They’ll be more arrogant and use power in every field of their life.
  • Such kids are more likely to bully others as you do them.
  • Your kids are more likely to suffer behavioral problems such as anxiety and depression in the future. 

Do Strict Parents Make Successful Children?

Yes, if you are strict in the sense that you care for your child and teach him to understand life better, he’ll try to be a good and successful person. He’ll not obey you because of your fear, but he’ll try to be a good person because it’s his life, and he’ll be responsible for his actions.

Final Thoughts

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It is good to be a strict parent only if you set limits with empathy. Authoritative parenting impacts your kids’ self-esteem, confidence, and decision-making ability. You should be permissive and set empathic limits. Remember, they are kids, not your property; they have the right to live their own life; therefore, you should create a bond with your kids so that you don’t need any strictness to learn discipline.

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