How Does the 'Give and Take' Principle Influence Child's Development?

The "give and take" principle plays the most important role in a child's development. It influences social interactions as well as personal growth. Parents who teach their children the "give and take" law always consider honorable for their children's positive attitude in society. Psychologists consider this law the important step of success. Those who teach their children how to 'give' their children must 'take' a lot. How 'give and take' principle influence a child's development? Let's have a comprehensive look at it.

Benefits of the "Give and Take" Principle:

None of the good deeds is harmful to human beings. Like other good deeds, the ‘give and take’ law also has its own privileges and influences on children. Its most prominent benefit is that it plays a positive part in the children's community. Other benefits are listed below:

Key to Success:

Those who are givers always succeed in life. The intention is when they give
some time to help others in some way. They definitely take something as their reward. Either by items or by deeds. It's always nice to help others.

 When you prepare your child for sharing, he becomes habitual of it. Thus, his giving habit becomes his accomplishment. For instance, a teenage boy who is brilliant in class shares his knowledge with others is an example of giving. He attains the honor in a class by sharing is an example of taking.

Positive Social Interactions:

The "give and take' principle leads to healthier social interactions. It conclusively works for your child. When he gives something also takes reward for that. Thus, positivity in his attitude has been increased. Suppose he shares candies with his classmates. The classmates thank him. Next time, while someone other delivers candies to class mates, first will share them with your child. Thus, the distributed practice will be powerful in your child. Accordingly, he'll always share stuff with others.

The 'give and take' principle makes your child selfless. This passion for
selflessness makes him aware of others' problems. When he sees them in trouble,
he tries to help them out. A common example of selflessness is giving a hand to
that person who is in trouble, which will make your child selfless, and he'll
feel the pain of others.

Teach Your Children "Give and Take" Principle:

“Give today to get better tomorrow.”


For the betterment of your children, make a learning environment at home for
teaching them the golden principles of behavior. Children always follow their parents and apply their instructions to themselves.

Encourage Your Child:

Your supportive attitude helps in your child's growth positively. When you encourage your child to share his favorite toys with others, he'll repeat his sharing habit for your admiration towards him. Another benefit of sharing toys will occur in the form of positive behavior with others.

Playing Games About Sharing and Turn-taking:

You can play games with your children to teach them how to give respect to others.
While playing cricket, you can boost their positivity by stating Hamza
now it's Akash's turn. After him, you will say now it's Hamza's turn. It will
inspire your child to take care of others while playing and wait for his
turn. Thus, he'll learn about patience and self-control by playing with you.

Explain to Them With Real Examples:

Children learn by observing their parents. You can be a role model for them by sharing something with others in their presence. They will follow you and start giving others. Let me tell my story. It might help you.

Once, I was traveling with my husband. On the bus, we observed an old woman was standing alongside us. She was weak and helpless to stand properly. My husband left his place and offered her to sit. She was very comfortable with us. After some months, I was traveling with my mother. There was only one seat on the bus. So, I gave that to my mother. Meantime, a young boy left his seat and allowed me to sit there. Then, I firmly believe in the ‘give and take’ law.

From these incidents, I explained to my children how "give and take" law rules. That was a reward for my little deed.


In short, the "give and take" rule influences your child positively. He learns self-discipline, loyalty, selflessness, and reliability. With all these attributes, he becomes an accurate example for the other children around him.


Writer: Tayyaba Maryam

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