How To Size Kids Winter Boots?


Buying winter boots for your kids is probably the trickiest part of winter shopping. Most parents get confused while measuring the kid’s feet. Moreover, they feel hard to decide which one to buy-two sizes up or one size. Similarly, the outside of kids’ winter shoes looks bigger due to insulation that misguides most parents.
So, if you are planning to buy winter boots for your kids and don’t know how to fit kids’ winter boots, this post is especially for you. Don’t forget to read it till the end before heading to the shopping.


Should Winter Boots Be A Size Bigger?

Kids grow fast, and their feet’ sizes keep changing as they grow. That’s why the frequently asked question from mothers is, should winter boots be a size bigger? Yes, winter boots with two sizes or at least one size bigger are fine since you have to leave the room for kids’ feet to grow. Also, your kids will wear woolen socks with boots in winter.
If you purchase a fit size, your child might feel uncomfortable while wearing socks. Also, winter shoes are deceiving since they look oversized from the outside due to insulation. But, they are actually smaller from the inside.


What Size Snow Boots Should I Get For My Toddler?

How To Size Kids Winter Boots


Toddlers are more likely to get cold in the winters. After the first snow of the season, you can’t resist your little oneness desire to explore the outdoors. But without proper sized winter gear, you can’t take him outdoors. Similarly, right-sized snow boots are crucial for keeping your toddler’s feet dry in the snow.
So, what size snow boots should you get for your toddler? The answer is, you should go for at least one or two full sizes up. We recommend purchasing 2.5 sizes up for some fast-growing toddlers since their feet can be oversized within a few weeks.


How To Measure Kids Feet For Winter Boots?

How To Size Kids Winter Boots


For measuring your kid’s feet for winter boots at home, follow these steps.


  • Ask your child to stand upright on a paper.

  • Trace his feet on the paper with a pen.

  • Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the length of traced feet.

  • You might find that your kid’s feet size is smaller than their current shoes. It shows that their current shoes provide room to grow.

  • We recommend going two sizes up when buying kid’s winter snow boots because winters are almost six months long. In this period, your child’s feet will definitely grow up to one size. And you need an extra big size for woolen


The Ozkiz shoe size chart is mentioned below, So, have a look:


How To Size Kids Winter Boots

How To Size Boots With Removable liners To Fit Up to Next Year?

Some other warm winter kids’ boots have removable liners in them. For sizing these boots, follow these steps.
  • Take the insoles out of the boots.
  • Ask your kid to stand on insoles.
  • Make sure that your child puts the feet as far as back in the heels as he can.
  • Also, ensure that the little one is not pushing its toes forwards.
  • As a general rule, one thumb width of space should be left in front of toes while measuring.
  • Make sure that the shoe is neither too narrow nor too big.
  • For kid’s winter boots without removable insoles, there should be 0.5cm space behind the heels.


How To Size Kids’ Fleece Lined and Padded Fur Boots?

How To Size Kids Winter Boots


If you want to size kids’ fleece-lined and padded fur boots, follow these instructions.


  • Fleece-lined boots are easy to fit and comfortable as compared to other winter boots. Ask your child to wear these shoes while measuring.

  • Make sure that you feel 0.5cm of space behind their heels.

  • While feeling their toes, ensure that there must be a space of the width of one finger.

  • By selecting one size bigger, your kids’ winter boots will fit up to the following year.


How To Choose Snow Boots For Kids?

As a rule of thumb, while choosing snow boots for your kids, make sure that the shoes are neither too loose nor tight. If you buy tight-fitting boots, they’ll fail to keep your child’s feet warm. The reason is, it is the air around the feet that keep them warm. In tight shoes, air circulation is not possible around feet. As a result, your kids’ feet can get cold.
On the other hand, loose winter boots are unable to keep the warm air inside. That’s why they also fail to keep your kids’ feet warm. Therefore, always select winter boots with at least 0.5cm space behind the heels and a finger’s width space in front of the toes.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now, you might not wonder about how to size your kids’ winter boots at home. There’s no science behind measuring your kids’ winter shoes. In fact, It’s so simple and easy. So, before purchasing winter shoes for your little one, make sure that your choice should be of the right size, comfortable, and keep your child’s feet warm and dry.
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