How to Keep your Children Warm this Autumn


Keeping your child warm in the fall is one of the biggest challenges parents may face. On one hand, there is the want to indefinitely layer to ensure their protection. But, there is always the worry of having them go to school as a round ball of layered clothes. What are parents to do? Luckily, there are a few simple ways parents can dress their children for the cooler weather. 

Sweater Vests

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is overdressing their toddler in knitwear, especially in the early autumn months. This creates an uncomfortable environment and when the toddler isn’t happy, no one is happy. One of the best ways to ensure your boy or girl stays nice and snug this autumn season is with a sweater vest. A sweater vest keeps the body warm while allowing for a thin shirt to be worn underneath. If your child is hot, cooling down is as easy as rolling up their sleeves of whatever shirt is underneath. Ozkiz’s fall boutique for toddlers offers the “chochobee” knitwear vest for a quick fall outfit fix. This piece of fall clothing for toddlers is sure to help any kid stay warm and comfortable as the temperatures begin to drop. 


boys knit sweater


Everyone loves a good-knit sweater. Ozkiz has been working on a selection of unique sweaters that will keep kids warm and also fashionable. All your child needs is one good sweater, but Ozkiz is here to offer all kinds to match your toddler’s specific fashion taste. This fall, have your little boy stay warm with the “doodle dino” knit sweatshirt. The sweater is perfect for keeping children cozy in the later fall months with its thick texture and with a dinosaur design any boy would love. This is also great for layering in the winter months. 


girls knit sweater

But what about the girls? To keep your little girl warm, Ozkiz has created a knit fall dress. Introducing the “heart soda” knit long dress, this promises to ensure your toddler looks her best no matter how cold it is.  If dresses aren’t for you, then the “cream flower” long sleeve knit top is another fantastic addition to your little girl’s wardrobe. With frills over a purple color scheme, this fall knitwear is easy to mix and match with anything your toddler wears. 


kids knit pants

Knit Pants

No child’s fall outfit is complete without pants. A good pair of knit pants is important for keeping your child warm for autumn. Children are especially susceptible to losing heat through their legs. When it comes to pants, you’ll want to make sure you buy the right kind so your child stays warm all over. The “buddy buddy” waffle knit pants for boys offers a thermal texture perfect for helping your little boy retain body head instead of letting in the cold air. Our waffle knit design offers a unique fall look for your toddler while also helping them stay snug. If you're worried about keeping your kids warm in fall, a thermal is an important part of any toddler’s autumn wardrobe.


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