How to Get Rid of Static on Clothes?

Have you ever experienced static cling on clothes? Isn’t it too annoying? If so, you might be worried about how to get rid of static on clothes? When clothes made of synthetic fabric rub together, an electrostatic charge builds up on clothes that make them stick to your body. You can get rid of static clothes by using a fabric conditioner, dryer sheets, or simply air-drying the dresses separately. Shaking clothes 2 to 3 times after removing them from the dryer also helps control static build-up.

If you want to know the solution of static on clothes, this post is for you. Read it till the end to discover what causes static in clothes and how to get rid of it.

Reasons For Static on Clothes


Here are the causes for static on clothes.

  • When synthetic fabrics rub against each other, they develop an electrostatic charge in the clothes. It mostly happens in a dryer or when your clothes get rubbed with your movement during walking. The static causes the negatively charged subatomic particles towards the positively charged ones. The imbalance of charges between two fabrics causes a static build-up since two opposite charges attract each other.
  • You may experience more static cling in dry environments with low humidity. Naturally, the moisture content in the air acts as a natural conductor. It earths any potential positive charge. 

How To Get Rid of Static on Clothes Naturally?

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If you want to get rid of static on clothes naturally, use vinegar since it is a natural fabric softener. You can also use a good quality fabric softener in the washer to reduce friction and give the fabric a soft and fluffy texture. As a result, static will reduce automatically.

How To Get Rid of Static on Clothes with Hair Spray?

Hair spray contains chemicals to reduce static in the hairs. You can also use it on your clothes to get rid of static right after wearing. However, do not delay spraying after wearing clothes since it will dissipate.

How To Get Rid of Static on Clothes in Dryer?

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  • Static on clothes appears when using a tumble dryer. Therefore, use dryer sheets to prevent static build-up in clothes during tumble drying.
  • In addition, if dryer sheets are not available, reduce the drying time and keep cloths moist.
  • You can also use aluminum foil balls in the laundry in place of dryer sheets. Aluminum foil is readily available, inexpensive, and reused for one to 2 months. Plus, it doesn’t leave a slimy layer over clothing as dryer sheets do.
  • Putting a tennis ball in the dryer also helps remove the static on clothes.
  • You can also remove static by using dryer balls in the load.

How To Get Rid of Static on Clothes Without Fabric Softener?

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If you want to get rid of static clothes without using fabric softener, use vinegar instead. Using dryer balls and aluminum foil balls in the washer also prevents static build-up. Dry air in the washer contributes to static. Therefore, add a wet rag and start with low heat settings. The moisture from the rag will prevent the dryness of the air, preventing the static.

How To Get Rid of Static on Clothes Without Dryer Sheets?

The use of dryer sheets leaves a slimy layer over the clothes in the dryer. If you are searching for ways to get rid of static without a dryer sheet, here it is. Take aluminum foil and make its balls. Toss them in the washer. It also helps get rid of static. Another alternative is using dryer balls. Also, wash and dry the synthetic and natural fabric separately in the dryer.

How To Get Rid of Static on Clothes While Wearing Them?

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Static on clothes causes them to stick to your body while wearing them. So, how do you get rid of this annoying cling when wearing clothes. Here are a few tips. Let’s give them a try.

  • Run a wire hanger over the clothes, especially silk, right after and before putting them. It picks up all the static build-up.
  • Apply lotion to the area where your experience the most cling.
  • Static on the clothes vanishes if you touch any grounded metal.
  • Use safety pins on the clothes. These metal pins will hold some charge and prevent static build-up on clothes.
  • By increasing the humidity level in the house, the static cling will also vanish.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you understood clearly how to get rid of static in clothes. Use fabric conditioner, dryer sheets, dryer balls, or aluminum foil balls in the washer to keep the static at bay. Vinegar works as a natural fabric softener and anti-static agent. Improve the moisture level of air in your house to reduce static cling on clothes.

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