How To Get Kids To Keep Their Hats On


Summer comes through with some scorching heat and intense glare, and winter is not so different- the cold sting and frostbites are not something to look forward to either. While sunscreen is on top of every mommy's list all year round, hats are something most parents tend to overlook. Hey, we get it; hats are not everyone's thing. The strong protests and frustrated yanks make it twice as hard to keep the hat on your toddler's head. However, before you throw in the towel, there are six strategies you might want to give a shot.


6 Tips That Will Help Keep Hats On Your Kid's Head


1. Get the right fit

Going for a hat based entirely on the style or preference is bound to make the kid uncomfortable- the size and fit of the hat truly matter. You'd want to have the hat sit perfectly on your baby's head; going too big will impede their vision. Conversely, a smaller fit will most likely slide off the top of their head. Make a point to measure up your kid's head before spending some bucks on an ill-fitting hat.  

2. Choose the perfect style

Kids hats comes in various styles to choose from; whether it's a baseball cap or a Padded hat, there's something for everyone. The foolproof approach to picking out the perfect match for your child is to select a set of different hats for them to try out. Rather than spend so much on one beanie hat that your kid may not like, experiment with several types to find out what'll grow on them.

3. Let them pick it out

Having your kids actively choose the hat they want to wear is the best way to smooth out that resistance. Children thrive on a perceived sense of power; when they feel like they choose what to wear, chances are they'll embrace wearing the hat positively.  Quite frankly, you'll be giving them the nudge throughout their preferential expression.

4. Set an example

Monkey see, monkey do is a useful psychological strategy to get kids to do something without it feeling like enforcement. Most habits kids adopt are things they see and copy from their environment; are you catching on? Set an example by wearing a hat outdoors and watch your kids effortlessly pick that up. After all, you have to practice what you preach.

5. A little distraction

The good old-fashioned distraction always does the trick. You can always wait on your toddler to get distracted before throwing on that legionnaire. Besides, it's not a scam unless they catch you in the act. Try offering them their favorite snack or toy to keep them preoccupied while you fix up that little bucket hat. Ideally, you'd want it to be less invasive so ensure you have the hat positioned away from their peripheral vision.  

6. Make it fun

How To Get Kids to Keep Their Hats On


There are no rules to this game; make hat-wearing playful and fun. Wear your hat back-to-front or go all out and wear your undies on your head to see if they fix it for you or laugh their hearts out. Better yet, tie hat time with fun times- a little trip to the park or the ice-cream parlor every time they wear their hat; this will change their entire outlook on headwear. I don't know about you, but if fun stuff always happened when I wore a hat, I'd live in it!



Getting any toddler to wear a hat and keep it on is a process. So, you haven't exactly failed at it if you didn't start them young; they will get the hang of it. Rather than force hats on your kids, try a more independent approach like getting them in their favorite colors and prints. Ultimately, the secret lies in consistency and persistence- don't give up on the first try, keep pushing; it will eventually grow on them.

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