How Many Christmas Gifts Should a Child Get?

Christmas is the most awaited event for kids since they wait a whole year to get presents. But, the quantity of Christmas gifts per child has always been confusing for parents. Some parents believe that three gifts are enough, neither more nor less. Some follow the rule of four, others like seven or even ten. In short, parents have set their own Christmas gift-giving rules per child according to their family priorities.

But how many Christmas gifts should a child actually get? How many Christmas presents are enough for kids? And how many gifts are less? No doubt, Christmas is the time of merriment; as a parent, you consider your budget and make sure not to waste your hard-earned money.

Finally, in this post, we’ll discuss how many gifts you should give your children at Christmas. Read it until the end to clarify how many gifts are enough per child.

How Many Christmas Gifts Should Each Child Get?

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Each child should get Christmas gifts that make him happy, not spoiled. Nevertheless, quantity doesn’t matter; kids need parents’ attention and a gift of their age and choice. If you give too many gifts to your child, it becomes a number-winning game and, kids focus more on quantity than the quality of gifts.

Whether you are a child or an adult, you might love Santa’s arrival and getting gifts. Some parents follow the rule of three gifts. However, the four-gift rule is equally popular nowadays. I have seen the parents that purchase as many gifts as they can.

But regardless of how many gifts your child gets, you should be aware that what you do in December will impact your child throughout his life. Kids behavior psychologists agree that it promotes materialism in kids. Therefore, It is better to buy 10 to 15 gift items related to kids’ needs such as clothes, stationery, room decor, new beddings, shoes, accessories such as socks and underwear, etc.

Pack these items into 4 to 5 wrapped gifts. In this way, you’ll also be able to satisfy your kids’ gift opening urge, and they’ll be happy to receive gifts.

Christmas Gift Rules

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Some of the Christmas gift rules are explained; let’s have a look:

3 Gift Rule

The three gift-giving rule is based on the same number of gifts that Christ was given. Most parents consider three a magic number and like to gift their kids the same number of items.

Four Gift Rule

According to the 4 gift-giving rules, your child should get one item to read, wear, something they need, and one item of their choice, such as a toy.

Five Gift Rule

In this rule, the four items remain the same as their choice, need, wear, and read. But the gift item is a surprise; it includes something that your kids badly need, but they don’t know. In other words, it’s something that can break the stereotype of no and make your child burst into tears with joy.

10 Gift Rule

In the 10 gifts rule, the four basic things remain the same and, 6 others are added. These include something to give others, something to do for others, a toy or anything to play with as a family, something to make, and footwear.

Number Of Gifts For Age

Small kids are more obsessed with toys. It is better to select something productive that may help your child learn, for example, a learning toy, night storybooks, etc.; 3 toys are enough for young kids. However, you can select more or less according to your budget.

For school-aged kids, 4 to 5 gifts are enough. You can gift them their favorite toy, a lovely Christmas dress, a pair of Christmas shoes, and some storybooks to read.

For teenagers, the quantity of gifts doesn’t matter. You should select at least three favorite items of your teenager and pack them nicely. If your teenager loves gift opening, you can pack a small gift in a large package. Your teenager will really love and enjoy this gift opening.

How Much Should You Spend On Gifts Per Child?

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Spending 1000s of dollars on kids’ gifts is never a good idea. However, $50 to $200 per child is enough. For siblings, you should divide this amount by the number of siblings and then spend accordingly.

The small items stuffed in stockings are too exciting for kids. Similarly, shirts, socks, and dresses with their favorite printed cartoon characters serve as ideal stocking stuffers. Also, make sure to give an equal number of gifts to all of your kids.

Encourage your kids to donate the toys or other accessories they don’t need before Christmas. In this way, they’ll get space for new presents. Also, set the limit of gifts that your kids receive from their grandparents and other family members.

Final Thoughts

How many Christmas gifts a child gets is a challenging task for parents. As we know, excess of everything is bad; therefore, you should avoid spending too much on your kid’s gifts. Instead, shop on a budget and never compromise on maintaining discipline at your home. However, you should plan to buy a special gift that can surprise your kid.

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