How Are Korean Kids So Well-Behaved?

Korean culture has gained popularity throughout the world. With the increased influence of social media, K-pop and K-drama have become famous worldwide. Youngsters like to copy Korean fashion. Parents prefer to dress up their kids in Korean clothing. And, the most prominent thing you might have noticed in K-drama is, Korean kids are well-mannered and so well behaved.

Have you ever wondered how Korean kids are so well-behaved? Korean kids are raised with cultural values such as respect and obedience. They are taught to respect everyone older and be polite in language. However, it all depends on how parents have raised them. Not all the kids are perfect; you’ll encounter brats as well. Overall, Korean kids are lovely and learn manners from their parents and teachers.

If you are curious to know Korea’s secret to raising a smart and successful child, read this post till the end.

How Koreans Discipline Their Kids?

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Koreans discipline their kids by teaching them moral values. They also use punishment if necessary. In addition, parents teach self-discipline and support kids in every field of life. They expect good grades and want their kids to be more educated than themselves. Furthermore, kids live with their elders at home and are exposed to family virtues. The elderly family members guide their kids. It makes them more mature and responsible.

You can’t overlook the role of Korean teachers in disciplining kids. In fact, kids spend more time at school than at home. Therefore, teachers and students work together on projects. They learn patience and the art of “nunchi.” For those who have no idea about “Nunchi,” let’s explain it. Nunchi is the art of reading others’ minds. Korean kids learn nunchi since they are only three. For example, Korean parents say,” Why do you lack nunchi” if a kid doesn’t follow a rule? It also means the ability to process the changing environment quickly and then show a response.

Korean kids also practice nunchi at schools. In short, nunchi makes Korean kids successful in every field of life.

Is Spanking Common in South Korea?

Physical punishment is an acceptable way of disciplining kids in South Korea. However, it is not legal. Spanking and physical punishments are far beyond disciplining kids. These parenting methods are putting negative impacts on society. Corporal punishments put kids at risk of brutal abuse at home.

Reports have shown that some people abused their kids to death as an excuse for disciplining them. At the same time, most parents don’t believe in punishment. They use methods other than physical punishments to discipline their kids. 

Is It Illegal to Hit Your Child in Korea?

It is not legal to hit your child in South Korea. Corporal punishment is not allowed even at home. It is unlawful to use violence against children.

What Are Korean Mothers Like?

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Korean mothers are loving and hardworking. They maintain a work-life balance and perform their duties efficiently. Furthermore, they start teaching discipline to their kids from an early age. Some parents use physical punishments, but most parents avoid spanking or corporal punishments. 

You can see an excellent example of a Korean mother in the K-drama “All round wife.” It is an accurate picture of how a Korean mother struggles to provide all life necessities to her family.

Often kids have difficulty regulating their behaviors. Therefore, Korean parents use physical punishment for the emotional regulation of such kids. Though it seems inhumane to some societies, it is a part of Korean culture.

Do Korean Parents Allow Dating?

Some parents find a suitable partner for their kids and allow them to decide whether they want to live together or not. In ancient Korean culture, family values had more importance. Parents used to choose partners for their kids without their consent. Such marriages often ended up in a disaster. But now, Korean parents have become flexible. They allow dating but focus more on keeping a stronger relation such as marriage.

Korean youngsters are a bit shy to approach the opposite gender. Therefore, they date in groups of friends and family members. Often, friends arrange dates for their friends without telling them.

Final Thoughts

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Koreans are family-oriented and follow family traditions. Kids are well-behaved and well-mannered since they learn to respect their elders early. Both parents guide their kids and teach them family values. Often, parents use corporal punishments which are illegal. It doesn’t mean that you won’t see any ill-mannered child. However, overall Korean kids know ethical values and behave well compared to other societies.
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