How Do Koreans Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

You might have associated Valentine’s Day with romance, love, relationship, and gift exchange between partners. But, Valentine’s Day in South Korea is different than in the west. On the 14th of every month in Korea, love days are celebrated. However, Valentine’s Day and White day are the most popular among these love days.

If you are curious about how Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day, this post is for you. Read it and discover Valentine’s Day traditions in South Korea.

What Is Korean Valentine’s Day Called?

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Valentine’s day in the Korean language is called “발렌타인 데이 ballentain dei.” There’s no other name for Valentine’s Day in South Korea. It’s simply called Valentine’s Day as known in the different parts of the world.

Unlike other parts of the world, women give chocolates to men to show affection. The men will also give a gift in return on the 14th of March on White day. Valentine’s day is widely celebrated in South Korea, but it’s not a public holiday.

Is Valentine’s Day Popular in South Korea?

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Valentine’s day has gained much popularity in South Korea recently. You can see all sorts of popular chocolates on the display of supermarkets and stores. These Valentine’s day supplies remain available a week after the white day. Couples go on dates and celebrate it as a happy and romantic day.

However, it may not be an important day for those who are not in a relationship. But it is important for Korean men and women in a relationship. 

Korean Valentine’s Day Traditions

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As Valentine’s day is adopted from the Western culture, you can’t expect similar gift-giving and celebrating traditions in South Korea. The main Valentine’s Day gift is chocolate. In fact, it is a great day for women to confess their love feelings for men. Even a single woman can grab courage and let her man know about her feelings.

The men who receive the chocolates are expected to respond in the acceptance of love on the White day celebrated on March 14. Some couples also follow the rule of three in gift-giving. According to this rule, the gift a man should give a woman should be at least three times the value received by the woman. Couples wear matching clothes, go on a date and visit cinema halls to spend this day.

Chocolate-giving tradition is also changing in this modern age. Now, some South Koreans offer chocolates to friends, family members, colleagues on Valentine’s Day.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s day is not traditionally celebrated in South Korea. It’s a day adopted from the West. Women offer chocolates to the men as a love confession. At the same time, men respond to their confession by giving a more valuable gift on 14th March, white day. Unlike other parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is popular for couples in a relationship. Couples celebrate it as a romantic day. Other love days are also celebrated in South Korea on the 14 of every month.

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