Best Dinosaur Clothes and Shoes for Your Son

When you take a look at our clothes, you can notice that we have a lot of products for girls. But no worries! We, Korean Kidswear Brand OZKIZ, do have clothes and shoes for your special sons too :)

A lot of boys are interested and so fascinated about dinosaurs and go into that 'I-Love-Dinosaurs' phase when they are young. If your son is one of them, you've come to the right spot. Today, I'm going to recommend some best dinosaur clothes and dinosaur shoes for your son.

1. 'Shiny Dino' Sweatshirt

navy dinosaur t-shirt

Let's first start with the tops, shall we? Look at this, look at this! This is our most popular sweatshirt especially for the fall and winter season. It's in the color navy and can you guess what's so special about this sweatshirt from that GIF? That's right. It has reversible sequins! Have fun with that dinosaur by changing the sequins from green to gold! WOW :)

2. 'Colorful Dino' Windbreaker

dinosaur printed windbreaker jacketWe can't forget about dinosaur jacket can we! We need something that can keep our sons warm that can protect them from the strong wind. Here's an adorable dinosaur printed colorful windbreaker for you!

3. 'Doopa Doopa Dino' Raincoat

dinosaur printed yellow raincoatI'm sure how the weather is like in your country but it has being raining a lot these days in Korea! This dinosaur rain jacket is the best for rainy days. Many of our customers ordered this raincoat this week. Also, guess what! It comes with a pouch for you to keep your raincoat clean and tidy! :)

4. 'T-Rex' Top and Bottom Set

dinosaur shirt and green pants set
Our designers here at OZKIZ are actually parents and really understand the needs of mommies. That's why we have a lot of sets! Getting ready for school on a busy Monday morning can be very hectic. A set of shirt and pants are ready for you so that you don't have to waste your time so much. 

5. 'Raptorsaurus' LED Sneakers

dinosaur sneakers

Do you need cool sneakers that look like dinosaurs? Check out these sneakers. It's very special because it has LED lights that come out on the bottom of the shoes! These sneakers are very popular too because they are comfy and well-cushioned. Your son will be able to run around freely in these shoes.

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