4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Wear Fleece This Fall


It’s true: fleece is the trendiest way to keep your child warm this year. Fleece may have gone away for a while but the nineties are alive again and fleece is back. So, where can you get the latest fleece clothing? Here at Ozkiz, of course. Ozkiz has been designing new fleece wear so your toddler can go into the fall and winter season ready to look their best. Below, we listed four reasons why fleece is a fall essential to keep your kids warm.


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No one plays harder than kids. No matter how cold it gets, children love to be outside whether it be playing in the snow or on a playground. For parents, nothing is more exhausting than seeing yet another tear in a child’s clothing. This is where fleece comes in. Fleece is durable and able to keep up with all the energy kids have. That’s why even though our "Smile Bunny" fleece sweatshirt is able to look cute, it is also tough enough to endure any playground. Let fleece clothing give you ease of mind while your kid is playing this fall and winter season.


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Thick and Light-Weight

Fleece is one of the best items to have if you are worried about your toddler staying warm this fall and winter. The material has a texture that will keep any kid nice and toasty when the temperature starts droppings. It also serves as a great mid-layer, so when winter begins you can wear it comfortably under a jacket. Best of all, despite it being able to withstand freezing temperatures, fleece is incredibly lightweight. So if your son wears the Bread Barbershop "Our Friend" sweatshirt or your daughter wears the "Heart Som Som" fleece dress, they will be able to play all day while staying warm this fall.


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Kids’ clothes are usually expensive. However, fleece clothing offers a cheaper alternative so your child can stay warm and cozy while also being cost-effective. With all the clothes kids go through, affordable children’s clothes are important to have. Take a look at our “Color Warm” fleece pants and sweatshirt. Both are stylish ways to stay warm and a price you can be comfortable with. The Color Warm collection comes in a variety of colors so choosing the right clothes doesn’t have to be limited to your budget. Staying warm has never been so easy.


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Cozy and Snug

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as fleece clothing, such as our “Pogeun Warm” fleece pants. No matter what kind of fleece you buy, your child is sure to love how soft the fabric is. The fabric of our fleece wear is perfect for if your child is spending time indoors or outdoors. Your toddler shouldn’t just be warm this fall and winter season, they should also be comfortable too. Give the gift of fleece this year so your child doesn’t dress in yet another scratchy sweater.

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