Tips for Keeping Children's Clothes in Good Condition

Have you ever had the difficulty of washing your child’s clothes? I am sure a lot of parents have experienced this because we know that our kids can be a messy eater sometimes! I would like to share some simple tips that I use to keep my clothes clean and in good condition.

Tip #1: Check the Care Tags of Clothing
Almost all clothes usually have a care tag. Care tags are the labels with laundry symbols, which inform you specifically how to wash the clothes. However, most of the time we don’t really take a look at them. Some care tags of children’s clothes may say to only hand wash. Always keep in mind that by following the instructions of the care tag, you will be able to maintain not only your child’s clothes but also your clothes for a long time!


Tip #2: Sort Clothes by Colors
I once washed my white shirt in the washing machine with my one of my navy sweatshirts and the navy color bled through my white shirt. It was terrible! ☹ If you would like to prevent this from happening, I suggest that you wash your dark colored clothing separately from your light colored (white, pastel, etc). Do not forget that denim fabrics are most likely to bleed its blue color on other clothing, so it will be much better to wash them alone.


Tip #3: Use Hydrogen Peroxide or Detergent Rub
Hydrogen peroxide will come in handy if the clothing has yellow stains and you want to turn it back to white. I usually put the dirty clothing in warm water for 30 minutes with hydrogen peroxide powder. Then, it starts bubbling and when you rub the stains, it comes off.


You can also rub in some detergent powder with water on stains like dirt, food, and juice stains. The detergent powder should not be completely dissolved in the water but should be in a paste consistency. Keep it on for some time (the longer the better) before you put your clothes in the washing machine for the actual deep wash.
Hope these tips help! Let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. Have you ever had a hard time washing stains of your children's clothes?

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