Do’s and Don’ts For Styling Your Kid

How kids want to appear at a party and how we want to present them has a big fat line in between. That doesn’t mean you will stop styling up your kid! But parents overthink a lot when they dress up their children. Well, this list includes tips that you must follow while styling the kids

The DOs for Styling the Kids

Comfort comes First

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Yes, we know we are talking about styling the kids. But even then, selecting comfort over style is the first tip for you as a parent. Pick up the comfortable dresses for every day. But what should we do for the parties? Shouldn’t they wear something picture perfect!

Sure, they will, comfort comes with style too. Organizing a kid's closet with fabric that breathes is the best deal here. The cut should allow your kid to run and play as they do. They shouldn’t fear ripping or staining their outfits!

Where’s the Sun?

kids red winter hat

A factor that concerns your styling kid is where the sun is! The weather plays a vital role here. When you are taking the kid to a wedding and the weather is unpredictable, one or two bride-approval is necessary.

Outing with the kid on her cocktail outfit on New Year’s Eve is fine. Keep the coat at home; coat-check is a hassle for the baby! In winter, keep kids warm with winter accessories. Style them up with winter hats, padded caps, or knitted woolen hats!

Overdress Hassle

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We think too much when styling up a kid for a wedding or a formal program. Well, they are kids. You might need to maintain the rules; the kids will get a pass. Don’t fight with them if they don’t want to look too nice in suits and formal outfits.

Keep in mind, underdressing is always better than overdressing- at least they can have their fun out there! No worries if they want to put sneakers over loafers, it’s all just fine!

The Don’ts for Styling the Kids

No Extra Accessories

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We know the plain jane look won’t look much fun. You can add up small accessories like clips and some sequin bags. But not too much! They will play around if they get space. Extra accessories will cause them extra stress during movements.

Keeping it simple and sleek is what they want. If you want to add a bag, go for a crossbody bag or a ribbon headband and but mot more than that. Avoid adding jewelry and unnecessary accessories.

Avoid too tight or too baggy Outfits

Mostly, what we do is to make them look just the perfect kid, we stress them so much. There’s nothing to be worried about. They are kids and let them act like themselves. Their dresses don’t need to be slim-fit; instead, pick up what comforts them. Also, too baggy clothes won’t do justice to their flexibility.

Skipping their Advice

These days, kids know a lot about how they want to appear outdoor. The mistake parents do is skipping their suggestions and styling them up all by themselves. Keep in mind that kids learn to dress themselves if you allow them to choose their outfits. Just give them options for the season-appropriate dress and they will do it alone!

Final Thoughts

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Just keep in mind that kids will someday have to follow the rules. Now that they are kids, let’s give them the stage. They can have fun wearing whatever they want. All you need is to guide them and make sure that their comfort and style go hand in hand.

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