Brand Story

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드
오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Exist for the Children

We work thinking of children's bright smiles.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Make Comfortable
and Pretty Clothes

We make clothes for children
to run around and have fun in
freely and comfortably.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Seek Perfection

We know that the point where
products come close to art is in the details.
We strive for perfection as much as we can.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Learn From Failure

We have made many mistakes in the past,
and we will make many more in the future.
With a humble attitude,
we will learn from our mistakes
and try to get better every day.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드


We always communicate
transparently and truthfully,
like the name of our company, OPENHAN.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Work To Hear 'WOW!'

If someone who has experienced our brand
exclaims, 'Wow!',
we have succeeded.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

with Customers

We have become
someone's son·daughter
to someone's mom·dad.

We deeply admire and empathize with
the lives of all mothers and fathers of this era,
who ask themselves questions everyday,
make mistakes, challenge, and feel rewarded.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Become Friends

OZKIZ is now over ten years old.
We want to become a brand that is
comfortable and warm to our little friends
we have met or will meet in the future.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Proud To Be Born
in South Korea

Established as a Korean Kids Fashion Brand,
we are growing all over the world:
North America, Asia, and Europe.
K-Kids Fashion will become
the center of the global kids fashion world.

오즈키즈 아동패션브랜드 아동복브랜드

Think About the
Future of the Earth

We consider the environment
and practice protecting the Earth by ourselves
so that our children can live
on a healthier and cleaner planet.