Why Are Parents So Obsessed About Art Class for Kids?

Today, more and more private academies are offering art classes to children. This is making parents become obsessed in sending their child to attend art classes because of the benefits that it gives to their child. Apart from becoming creative and artistic, this develops children’s socialization skills because they do the class with other children.  Because of the popularity of art classes, parents are becoming really keen in looking for the best art classes that their child can attend.

Some parents would even hire art tutors who would go to their homes and teach children art.  One parent I know even had to research the best art teacher and art class there is in their city and would not mind driving her son to that area even though it takes 2 hours from their house. Some parents would even let their children after school art classes even if it means coming home late just to be able to attend to these private academies. Is it worth it?

When I was young, I remember how I loved art and drawing. My sister and I were really into art and I used to join art contests.  I envied my classmates whose parents would buy them different sets of crayons and coloring materials while my parents did not. My mom sent my sister to an art class every Saturday and I would just learn from her. She would share with me what she learned from her teacher.  Growing up, I was really into creative works and arts. However, apart from being relaxing and therapeutic, I never really knew what the benefits of art are until I became an early childhood teacher and now a parent.

Apart from the basic benefits of arts such as development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, art appreciation, language development, and social skills, parents are after the lifelong benefit of arts. Studies have shown that there is a significant link between creativity and high IQs. That, surely has made parents who always want the best for their children, attract them to sending their kids to art classes where they believe their child can get more exposure to the different types of art activities that will be presented to them by the teacher.

Moreover, art enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These skills are very important in developing a competent individual. What teachers would do is usually present children different materials and will give them the freedom to choose what materials they would use in making one object.  This will help children think and develop their decision-making skills.

Furthermore, another benefit of art is visual learning.  By exposing the child to art, it helps them understand, criticize and appreciate what they see. This is a very useful skill that can be used in various aspects of life. A child who is a visual learner enjoys seeing how something is performed and wants to be a part of the process instead of just getting the end product.

Art can develop concentration. When an individual is doing art, they focus on what they are doing, they pay attention to details, and they get so engrossed with the activity and escape reality. This is very good for the child’s mental health. This also enhances the child’s imagination.

However, not being able to send your child to an art academy does not mean your child is missing something. The Internet is very helpful in providing ideas on how to do art at home with your child. This is a good bonding moment with your child and therefore parents should take this opportunity to connect and create a strong connection between the child and the parent. You can simply build your own arts and crafts supplies at home and let your children do free art or prepare a theme for your child or children to do and let them explore the different materials or loose parts available that they can manipulate and apply in their masterpiece.

Before enrolling your child to an Art class, ask your child first if he or she is interested to join the class. If you see that your child enjoys arts and craft then this would be helpful in developing and enhancing their artistic talent. But if your child is not interested in arts and craft, do not fret. That does not mean your child will not do well in school or in real life. They might be interested in other things such as sports, cooking, dance, music, language, etc. Children have different talents so do not push and put pressure to your child if they are not interested in attending an art class.

Art classes are beneficial to children but this should not be the measurement of success for the child’s future. It is not healthy for children to be placed in scenarios that they are not happy to be in. Bombarding your child with many activities that they are not ready to attend to, will just stress them up and will make them despise the subject instead of developing their love for art.


Writer: Hazel May Vinluan-Kim

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  • Taylor Abrams

    Okay, this is insane but my son just blew my mind with this intricate comic book he created out of nowhere. The creativity oozing out of him has me beaming with pride, and now I’m on the hunt for a teen art class to nurture that talent because he’s been asking me forever anyway. I also just love that you talked about how when someone is creating art, their concentration can be improved since they are paying attention to details, staying involved in the process, and escaping reality. https://www.kidscreateart.com/teenartclass

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