Top 5 Winter Outdoor Activities For Kids


Do your kids complain of getting bored indoors during winter? If so, you are not alone; every parent desperately needs winter outdoor activity ideas for their children at this time of the year. Leaving your kids in front of screens for the whole day is detrimental to their development. They don't have enough stuff to do indoors, that’s why they get bored. Of course, hiding indoors due to cold weather is not the right way to celebrate winter. Your kids also need to spend time outdoors to utilize their energy in proper physical activity.
In this post, you’ll know the 5 top outdoor winter activities for toddlers and kids. Read it till the end, and have fun with your kids this winter.


1. Let’s Go Sledding


Sledding is an all-time favorite activity for kids of all ages. You just need a sled, a hill, snow, and let the fun begin. But before this, make sure to dress up your kids properly for the weather. Also, ensure that your kids wear the right type of winter boots to keep their little feet warm. Your kids can’t express the fun of speeding down a hill on a sled in words. You’ll see the tons of happiness on their blushing faces. After this exercise, we assure you that your little ones will sleep very well through the night.


2. Snow Painting

Paint-loving kids usually keep messing the house and their clothes with colors. Winter allows them to explore and decorate the beauty of snow with different colors.
All you need is;


  • Paintbrushes
  • A bowl
  • Spray bottles or empty sauce bottle
  • Food colors mixed with water


If your little fairy is “Masha and the bear lover,” she’ll absolutely love this activity. Now, pour colored water in the spray bottles and the bowl. Ask your little one to build a snowman, snow castle, fort, or anything they like, then decorate it with colors. Young kids can easily handle spray bottles. You can also offer them paintbrushes if they like to do it.


3. Shovel the Snow

Kids watch their parents shovel the snow, and they can’t stop themselves from doing the same. Just buy a cute little shovel for your child to keep him busy while you do your work. It is a good physical activity that keeps them focused for a long time. Again make sure to dress up your child in the right winter jacket and shoes before this activity. If your kid is older enough, he can help to shovel the driveway or the sidewalk of an elderly neighbor.


4. Fun With Toys


Toddlers get bored while playing with toys indoors. But they will never get bored while playing with the same toys in the snow. For example, they can have fun by filling the dump truck with snow and making an entire snow city. The kitchen toys such as cookie cutters, rolling pins, and scoops are ideal for playing in the snow.
Make an ice tree and ask your toddler to break it with his shovel. Catching snowflakes in a bowl is another most fun outdoor activity for toddlers.


5. Backyard Camping


Camping doesn’t mean that you can only enjoy it in the wild. Let’s do adventure and set a camp in your backyard with kids. Don’t worry if you don’t have a proper camp. A small kids’ play tent will be okay. Allow your little one to bring his toys and enjoy a tea party or a hot chocolate party in the camp. You can add more charm to this camping party by setting a small bone fire in your barbecue area. Make sure to supervise it properly.
Besides these fun activities, if the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius outside, your kids can also enjoy the freezing bubbles activity. Watching a bubble land on the snow and then freeze is indeed a fascinating activity for kids. In addition, your kids can also play hitting the target with snowballs.

Final Thoughts

The Winter season has its own charms. It allows you and your kids to explore the beauty of autumn and snow. If you want to keep your kids active during cold weather, make sure to plan some outdoor winter activities. Try new things and take your kid’s opinion about what they want to do this week? If you want to enjoy outdoor activities in winter, make sure to dress up your kids according to the weather. Otherwise, spending time outdoors will be more like torture than fun.
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