OZKIZ LED Noise Reducing Slippers: Reduce Noise and Have Fun At the Same Time!

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Recently, a lot of customers have asked us about our Noise Reducing Slippers and I wanted to write more about our special slippers. I’m not sure how it is like in other country, but most of the people here in South Korea live in apartments so apartment noise or noise between floors is a very, very… VERY serious issue here. It’s extremely serious to the point that even murder cases have been recorded due to this problem.☹

A lot of companies have been contemplating about how to solve this problem for over decades. So, if you are also experiencing this problem like how other South Koreans have, you have come to the right spot and have found the PERFECT SOLUTION : OZKIZ Noise Reducing Slippers. Our specialty is our OZKIZ shoes. Therefore, here at OZKIZ we have researched and experimented many times to develop these special slippers for our valuable customers.

R&D Check Point 1: Solution is in the Outsole!

The effect of reducing inter-floor noise is achieved with the outstanding shock absorption effect of the PE material, which is usually used in premium play mats.
noise reducing slippers 
We have used all 3 foams:
1) PU Foam (Urethane Foam)
Urethane foam with excellent restoring power provides a cushiony feeling that does not fade for a long time.
2) PE Foam
It provides an amazing effect of preventing noise between floors with its excellent elasticity, noise and vibration blocking power.
3) PVC Foam
The foam material that comes closest to the floor absorbs basic shocks.

R&D Check Point 2: Absolutely Safe

Numerous tests confirmed that materials constructing the slippers don't include any harmful substances.

R&D Check Point 3: Super Cushioned

These unique slippers have cushioning feeling and continuously fit even after frequent use. And what surely must be mentioned is that they are ultra light - just 30 grams!

R&D Check Point 4: Absolutely Non-Slip

noise reducing slippers
We have calculated the optimal friction and covered the bottom of the outsole by non-slip silicone for even more safe kids' playing time. Run, jump and just play as much as you want!

R&D Check Point 5: Have Fun with LED Lighting!

It has a built-in LED lighting chip that emits a twinkling light and will add vibrancy to your indoor life!

noise reducing slippersnoise reducing slippers
You can even find things under your bed without bending down! WOW!

R&D Check Point 6: Easy to Wash

noise reducing slippers

The LED lighting chip is easy to put in and take out through the back of the corsage, so it is convenient for washing.

In order to maintain the noise performance between floors, it is better to hand wash lightly rather than in a washing machine.

Also, to maintain the performance of the special mat foam, which functions as a sound-absorbing agent, it is better to naturally dry it indoors or in the shade for at least a day rather than a high-temperature dryer.

R&D Check Point 7: All Made in Korea

Unlike other products that are produced by dividing factories, from research to production, it is directly operated and managed in Korea.

I talked about our best-selling noise reducing slippers in my previous blog article here. Today, I’m going to introduce another version of our slippers: Noise Reducing Slippers with LED lights! 😊 How awesome is that? You can reduce floor noise and have fun at the same time! We have two different noise reducing slippers with LED lights.


1. ‘Sokdak’ Whispering LED Indoor Noise Reducing Slippers

noise reducing slippers
is the sound made when you whisper to someone. We wanted to emphasize that our slippers are quiet slippers that help you reduce apartment noise!

noise reducing slippers
- Comes in two styles: Navy (Apple) and Light Grey (Bunny)
- Sizes are available for babies, toddlers, kids, juniors, women, and men.

2. ‘Pogeun’ Warm LED Indoor Noise Reducing Slippers

noise reducing slippers

‘Pogeun’ means ‘Warm’ in Korean. These noise reducing slippers will keep your feet warm! 😊

noise reducing slippers
- Comes in two styles: Green and Pink
- Sizes are available for babies, toddlers, kids, juniors, women, and men.


Which one is your favorite? Feel free to comment down below! 😊

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