How to Teach Your Child to Organize Their Clothes

Children are messy, and it can be frustrating always to have to clean up after them. Organizational skills are essential, and it can take time for your child to learn them, especially if you also struggle with them. Fortunately, it's something you can learn together.

1. Get the right tools

baby clothes

    Your child needs to know what goes where meaning there needs to be a specific place where everything goes. For example, with clothes, you can color coordinate the hangers to know what cloth goes on which hanger. Another option is baskets and bins where your child can store their socks or shoes. It helps to have labels or markers on the bins and baskets, so your child knows where everything goes. 

    2. Do it together

      Children enjoy helping you with tasks around the house. One of the chores they might enjoy is organizing their own space, especially under five years. In most cases, you only have to do it together once or for the first time. They will learn from you how an organized closet should look. Go through all the processes like hanging, folding, and putting the baskets and bins in the room. Ensure that they understand each process and why they should do it a particular way. When kids understand why they should do it a specific way, they will have the patience to perform a task on their own. 

      3. Make things accessible

      clothes drawer

        One of the main advantages of making things accessible for your child is encouraging independence. With clothes storage, start with multiple hanging systems that allow your child to see the clothes they have. Ensure they can reach every corner of their closet. Seeing what they have in their closet makes it easier to choose their outfits. Additionally, they will find it easier to help you put away their clothes after you do their laundry. 

        4. Create healthy boundaries

          Have you ever walked into your living room or your child's rooms, and all you see is toys or clothes? Of course, as a parent, it's understandable to want your child to have everything they want. However, you are not the only person who is always buying them stuff. They get gifts on birthdays, Christmas and let's not forget grandparents who want to spoil them.

          baby clothes

          Step one will help you a lot here. The rule is, if it doesn't fit in the storage bin, closet, or basket, then something has to go. When you have kids, it's easy for your space to get overcrowded with your children's things. So, before birthdays or major holidays, ensure you declutter the space before the new stuff comes in. Also, note that as your children grow older, they outgrow most of their things. So, encourage them to let things go.

          Keep in mind that organizing is a process, so don't expect instant results. Constructive criticism is welcome but don't be judgmental. Instead, strive to make it a positive experience for your child to learn, master, and refine their organizational skills for a lifetime.


          Writer: Shalom Kamau

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