How to Minimize Apartment Noise Made by Children?

More and more people are living in apartments although many still prefers to buy a home and live comfortably having their own personal space and backyard. However, if you live in the city, that seems to be difficult because there are only very few houses available not to mention very exorbitant to live in a house.  Owning a house in the city is close to impossible especially because big companies that already built high-rise apartments own majority of the lands. Unfortunately, living in an apartment can be challenging too especially when you have children because of the inevitable noise that they make and that can make your neighbors really unhappy. I remembered living in an apartment where I can hear my neighbor’s children very noisy, screaming and stomping their feet endlessly.

I could not complain because I myself have my own child although at that time, my son was still a baby. And even though he was not making as much noise as our neighbor’s children are, when he is not feeling well, he could get fussy and cry a lot.  That was the time, I started worrying if my neighbors who happened to be my co-teachers, might complain. Thankfully, my co-teacher was a gentleman that whenever I ask him if he was able to sleep due to my son’s cry, he would always says he did not hear a thing.

But now that my son is already in toddler years, surely the noise has changed. It is terrifying! I know how you feel mommies, I am with you. It is no longer just cry but the noise he makes when he plays and runs around the house, jumping endlessly on our bed and the trampoline, slides and toys dropping nonstop. I feel so sorry for my neighbor downstairs. I have been researching on how to reduce noise to avoid complaints from our neighbors.

So here are some noise-reduction steps I have been doing at home that seem to be working.

Noise Reducing Slippers 

Yes, you heard it right. There are slippers that are available now in the market that helps reduce noise. This can help minimize the noise that your child makes while running around the house.  OZKIZ has one of the best noise reducing, cancelling, blocking morning calm indoor slippers. It has cushion so it is very comfortable for your tots’ feet. The effect of reducing noise is attained with the exceptional shock absorption effect of the PE material, which is normally used in premium kids’ play mats. This is extremely helpful in reducing the noise that children make when dancing around the house or running or jumping.

Floor Carpet

Carpet is believed to be good in absorbing noise, so before moving in, you might want to consider purchasing a big carpet for your living area where children spend most of their time playing or watching TV. The more rugs and carpet you have at home, the better noise absorption there is rather than just plain flooring where noise can easily bounce. Also, cushier rugs have better absorption so, if you love cushion rags that will help a lot in reducing the noise made by your children.

Walls and Hanging Curtains

So you’ve got your floors covered now do not leave your walls barren. Big drapes of curtains do not only add up to the aesthetics of your house but also helps absorb noise. It actually helps divide the noise of your house therefore it is not as loud as when the windows are not covered at all.

Activities for Your Child

Think of activities that will keep your children busy that does not require them to make so much noise or run around the house. Crafting is a good activity to make children quiet and busy. Set up invitation to play ideas that will keep them occupied and play quietly.

Living in an apartment has both good and bad sides. But keeping the noise made by your children could be the most challenging. That is why it is important to also make routines and set rules in the house that might be difficult for them to follow in the beginning but once they get used to it, everything will follow. After all, we all want to live comfortably and have peace of mind when we go home. And most of all, we do not want our neighbors to complain about the noise coming from our house.



Writer: Hazel May Vinluan-Kim

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