How To Help Your Child with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety differs widely between children, especially if they are of different ages. Some toddlers become panic-stricken and go into absolute hysterics when their caregiver decides to leave the room for a short period of time. At the same time, other infants and slightly older-aged children could only demonstrate mild and ongoing anxiety-inducing behaviors when they are separated from their parents while attending preschool or daycare.

The trick to dealing with a child or multiple children who have separation anxiety is to be prepared, create a quick transition, and make efficient use of the time that you do have. Although these displays of emotion are entirely standard and a kindhearted sign of a meaningful attachment between a parent and their child, separation anxiety can be particularly unsettling for everyone involved and viewing the panic-filled episode.

Here are the best tips from the children professionals here at Ozkiz that you can incorporate within your life to help your child with separation anxiety.

How to survive separation anxiety:

1. Create a speedy good-bye routine: 

baby hugging dad

No matter what kind of good-bye ritual that you share with your child, whether it’s giving each other a minute-long hug or providing them with a special blanket or toy that they love, you must make it a quick one. Making any goodbye short and sweet is the best way to handle a child known for undergoing bouts of separation anxiety. If you make the goodbye a long one, your child’s anxiety will gradually build as they think about your imminent departure.

2. Be consistent with the routine that you perform with your child (or children) every single day: 

Try to follow a strict routine with your child. For example, if your child goes to school or daycare, be sure that you are dropping them off and picking them up at the same time every day. A set routine can help to reduce the onset of separation anxiety that your child may usually experience.

3. Provide your child with your full attention right before you leave:

parent talking to child

When you are getting ready to separate from your child, be sure to provide them with your full attention. Offering your child a warm fleece sweatshirt with their favorite animal printed onto the front from Ozkiz or showing your child affection right before you leave will show them that you care and that they shouldn’t worry about you not coming back to them at the end of the day.

4. Stick to your word and keep promises that you might make to your child:

You will soon begin to see a streak of independence and strength bloom within your child when you stick to your promises. When you actively follow through with a promise of returning, your child begins to understand that they can fully function without you being there, building confidence within the fact that you assured them of your safe return.

Separation anxiety can be a genuinely concerning and uneasy topic when your very own children are dealing with it. However, with the usage of our tips and the help of professional pediatricians, you will be able to get ahold of your child’s separation anxiety in no time!

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