6 Must-Have Items for Kindergarten

As schools get ready to start the new year, you might be wondering how to get ready for school as your child starts kindergarten. Armed with a kindergarten school supply list, you’re probably checking off the required items listed by the school. School supplies for kindergarten help give your child the best start to their first day at school.


So, what should you add to your own kindergarten school supply list beyond pencils, crayons, backpacks, and masks?


1. An extra measure of protection

knee padded leggings

All that running around means there are sure to be bumps and bruises on the knees. You can keep your kindergartener safe from ouchies by giving them cushioned knee protective padding leggings. No more worries on that playground!


2. Playground-appropriate footwear

toddler sneakers

Most school supplies for kindergarten focus on what your child needs in class. But one of the most important things is having the right shoes for the day. Kids get the chance to run and play during recess, but choosing sneakers that can keep up with them makes all the difference. Ones with Velcro fasteners make it easy for your kindergartener to get ready all by themselves.


3. Don’t forget socks

kids colorful socks

When your child learns how to get ready for school, they may not always remember to put on socks. You won’t have to remind them every day if you get them fun and comfortable socks that they’ll want to wear.


4. Extra set of clothes

In kindergarten, messes are all a part of the lessons children learn. Whether they spill their milk at lunch, get covered in dirt on the playground, or don’t make it to the bathroom on time, it’s always a wise move to include a full change of clothes on a kindergarten school supply list.


5. Outer wear for cooler weather

kids colored windbreaker

As the weather cools down, you want your kindergartener to be ready in case they feel chilly. A windbreaker is just the thing, for it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear while easy enough to stash in a backpack.


6. Something for nap time

navy sleeping bag for kids

If your child’s kindergarten offers nap time, having a way for them to cozy up and take a rest is important too. A wearable sleeping bag that folds up to store in your child’s cubby helps them stay warm when it’s cold while giving them plenty of comfy padding for a perfect rest.


Of course, you’ll want to check your child’s list for school supplies for kindergarten as schools will have different requirements depending on locations. Adding these essential must-have items for kindergarten will ensure you’ve got everything covered for your little one to truly love that first day of school!


Writer: Jennifer Raskin

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  • simhakidsden

    This list of must-have items for kindergarten is incredibly helpful! As a parent, knowing exactly what to prepare makes the transition smoother for both kids and parents. Thank you for these practical tips!

  • simhakidsden

    Great tips! As a parent, I value practical advice like this. I am excited to apply these suggestions for a successful kindergarten experience. Thank you!

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