Should I Let My Child Wear Makeup?

A few years back, the makeup products only consisted of eye pencils, lip, and cheek tint to achieve the most natural look. Nowadays, an unlimited list of makeup cosmetics exists, and social media compels people to achieve different visual transformations. Now, kids are too exposed to social media; they start following fashion trends and wearing makeup very young. Most parents feel it challenging to stop their kids from wearing makeup because they watch other kids doing so and think that they’ll look good as well.

Many parents’ query is whether I should let my child wear makeup? Young girls have a natural tendency to do girlish stuff. Stopping them may prevent them from learning and obeying you unhappily. That’s why let them do what they want and make sure to use safe makeup products with fewer ingredients. Also, discuss the harmful effects of misuse and overuse of cosmetics on their skin with them.

If your little girl insists on letting her wear makeup, this post is for you. Read until the end and clear your confusion about should kids wear makeup or not?

Should Kids Wear Make-Up?

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Young girls start copying their mothers from a very young age. While selecting toys, they like to purchase beauty sets, fake hair curlers, hairdryers, makeup pallets, etc. Naturally, girls are more attracted to enhancing their looks early. They love to wear makeup, apply nail polish, and make different hairstyles.

There are two different schools of thought while answering Should kids wear makeup or not. Some parents never allow their kids to play with their makeup boxes or apply cosmetics to their faces. They think that kids should behave like kids. Doing elderly stuff can speed up the growing process. On the other hand, some parents never stop their kids from wearing makeup. They think that suppressing your kids from what attracts them prevents the learning process and affects their confidence. If you have concerns about allowing them to wear makeup, discuss them with your kids. Set limits and don’t stop them from learning new things.

Now, it’s up to you what your perspective and accepted practice are in your child’s community. However, doing makeup has no age restrictions. Only set limits to avoid misuse of makeup products.

Average Age to Start Wearing Makeup?

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Most behavior therapists suggest that middle school or teenage is an average age when you should allow your kids to start makeup. If your girl practices in a dance team, wearing makeup and a girl’s fancy dress is totally normal. Before this age, your young kids can experience fake makeup imagination toys. If your little girl wants to wear lipstick or apply nail polish, don’t stop her. Let her do what she wants.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Wear Makeup?

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The appropriate age for letting your daughter wear makeup is 13 or middle school age. It also depends on your lifestyle and situation. The dress code at your girl’s school and rules also effects on wearing makeup or not.

However, the main purpose of your girl wearing makeup should be an enhanced, not changed appearance. If your girl is too focused on unrealistic social media pictures and feels ashamed of not wearing makeup and achieving a perfect look, talk to her. Share with her how social media filters change the features of people, and these things are far from reality.

The makeup product you select for your girl should not contain sulfates, phthalates, kohl, talc, and BHA. These chemicals can irritate the skin. Your girls should use SPF products and never sleep without removing their makeup. Washing face with a mild facewash is crucial to prevent acne. Your young girl can wear makeup and enjoy fashion trends practicing good hygiene.

Final Thoughts

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Hopefully, you got the answer: Should I let my child wear makeup after reading the post. Next time your daughter insists on wearing makeup, talk to her about the limitations and allow her to achieve a natural look by wearing safe makeup products.

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