Is It Ok for Babies to Wear Loose Clothes?

If you are a mother of an 8 to 9lbs newborn baby and the zero-sized clothes you purchased don’t fit your baby, don’t worry. If your baby is weak, the zero-clothing size may be loose for him.

In both cases, you might wonder whether it is OK for babies to wear loose clothes. Yes, if the zero size clothes are tight for your baby, consider purchasing 0-3 months size. Plus, your child can wear loose clothes if the newborn size is big for him. Kids grow quickly and outgrow their clothes within weeks.

If you are confused about your baby’s loose clothes, read the post till the end. You’ll find out if it’s OK for babies to wear loose clothes.

Should Babies Clothes Be Loose?

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Yes, babies’ clothes should be loose but not extra loose. Little loose clothes are comfortable and easy to put on and off. Extremely loose clothes are uncomfortable for babies and fail to cover them properly. Your baby clothes should be comfortable enough to allow freedom of movement. If your baby’s skin develops rashes, loose clothing keeps the skin in contact with air.

Is It OK For Babies to Wear Too Big Clothes?

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It is not OK for kids to wear too big clothes because it is uncomfortable. Your baby can get lost in such garments. In addition, too big outfits don’t serve the purpose of wearing them. They don’t cover your baby’s body, and he can get cold.

Kids newborn size has an extremely short life. Mostly, infants outgrow this size within 1 or 2 weeks. An 8 and 9lbs baby hardly fits in newborn size. Therefore, it is better to purchase a few clothes of zero size and more pairs of 0 to 3 months size for your newborn baby. If the zero-size outfit is slightly loose for your baby, don’t worry. Just fold the sleeves and wait for a week or two until the dress fits your baby.

Can Babies Sleep in Loose Clothes?

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Babies should sleep neither in too loose nor in too tight clothes. Also, avoid sleeping them with a loose-fitting blanket. As a rule of thumb, your baby should wear one extra layer as you usually wear for sleeping. Your infant’s belly, neck, and back should be warm, but hands and feet should be slightly cold. Use a muslin cloth to wrap the baby before bed. Avoid wrapping the baby in blankets or heavy wraps since it can cause sudden death due to an increased body temperature. Too big sleepwear can also cause suffocation.

Should You Size Up in Baby Clothes?

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Most parents do baby shopping before the arrival of a newborn baby. In addition, you might not be sure about how big your baby is. Therefore, you should select a few outfits of newborn size, and the remaining kidswear should be one size up if your child is healthy. You won’t need to purchase one size up for a weak child.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it is ok for your baby to wear loose clothes but not extremely loose. Dressing your infant in loose clothes before sleep might not be comfortable. Therefore, your baby should wear neither too loose nor too tight. Avoid wrapping your child too tight for sleep.

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