How Does Comfortable Clothing Connect to Effective Learning?

As parents, we have so many considerations to make especially when it comes to what our children should eat, should study, should watch, which school to attend, and most especially what clothes to wear. It is known that clothes are one of the basic needs of people, and did you know that clothes have something to do with learning? This does not apply to children alone, even adults can study well or work well if their clothing is comfortable for them.

All parents want their children to practice good listening skills, be sociable, and have a meaningful day each day regardless of what they do. Unfortunately, even the smallest destruction can jeopardize productivity in learning especially among the younger ones. And one of the most irritating distractions is wearing uncomfortable clothing.

Parents need to remember that school is the place where you learn and explore and sometimes play with messy play and therefore they must wear comfortable so they can move comfortably and focus on their tasks without being distracted by discomfort. As your child paves their way to learning, growing, and playing, the importance is choosing the right clothing is crucial. It is a vital step in ensuring that they are provided the comfort needed for a healthy learning environment.

When choosing fabrics for manufacturing children’s clothes, safety and comfort are measured as the main priority. Some children are sensitive to certain fabrics; therefore the type of fabric is essential when buying clothes for your little one. According to research done by Forsberg and Mansdorf (2007), “the selection of fabrics for children apparel should be selected very carefully as the skin of the children is usually very delicate and can get affected by allergies easily”.  Moreover, children are very playful and perform many activities and therefore their clothes’ durability and suitability should be at par.

Meanwhile, another consideration that is important when choosing comfortable clothing is the climate or the weather of the country you are in. In tropical countries for example, where it is always hot and humid, clothing should be light and comfy. Therefore, cotton and linen are ideal.

Socks and underwear fabrics should be from natural fabrics to avoid fungal infections.

There are various types of children's clothing and they are made in various styles and colors. Children do not care much about the materials used but with the style and prints of their preference, so it is the designer and parents’ responsibility to choose the fabrics carefully. Manufacturing companies need to put this into consideration when making clothes for children.

Cotton is a good choice for children’s clothes because it is soft and comfortable and it is made from natural fiber. Cotton can resist stains properly, so even if children are playing with messy play, they can be washed off easily.  It is also very breathable to wear.

Linen is another good fabric for children’s clothing because it is cool. Even though it easily wrinkles, the fabric is light and breathable. It comes from the flax plant and it is an affordable option for children’s clothing. It is also easy to remove stains from this type of fabric.

Lycra is another type of fabric often used for children’s clothing. It is a stretchable material that moves with the children, which allows children to move freely in their clothes. This is very important for children. Another fabric material often used in children’s clothing is polyester.

Moreover, it is also important that children can manage their clothes independently. They should be able to easily pull down or take off their clothes when they need to use the bathroom. Parents should check the buttons, zippers, and ribbons as well. They need to be easily manipulated by children so that the child can comfortably put on and off his or her clothes.

If children are comfortable with the clothes they wear, they are more confident with themselves.  They are happier in school and feel cheerful. They can focus on their lessons and tasks and the results of their work are remarkable. As parents, it is our responsibility to choose their clothing properly, so that they will also achieve better learning at school.


Writer: Hazel May Vinluan-Kim

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