When Do Babies Start to Walk?

When your little one starts walking, it is a milestone not to be missed out on! If you’re a first-time parent, you might be wondering at what age do babies walk. It is likely that they will start walking within a few days or months from when they first learn to pull themselves up and stand. Are you all set to start chasing your cutie around? Listed below are some signs that your baby is getting close to walking!

Stages of Learning to Walk

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Learning to walk is a gradual process, and of course, every baby is different in their approach. First, when your baby is around seven to ten months old, they may start to crawl using their hands and knees to move. Some babies start to crawl, by gently swaying on their hands and knees.

Another stage you may observe is creeping, wherein, your baby will pull themselves forward with their arms, which may be stronger than the leg muscles. Instead of crawling or creeping, some babies just decide to slide on their bottoms!

This is called scooting, and it may also involve your tiny tot, slithering on their belly. Finally, we have cruising, which is often the last stages of learning to walk. Cruising means that your baby will take a few steps while standing while holding onto something like furniture, or your hand.

Signs that Your Child is Ready to Walk

Though there is no definite answer to the question “at what age do babies walk”, there are some signs that your child is getting close to this milestone. These include, if your child has already tried one of the learning stages mentioned above, better balance while standing, and the ability to stand upright for a longer time.

Another surefire sign is if your little one is walking like a pro while pushing a toy with wheels. If your toddler is going through a sleep regression, it could also mean that they’ll start walking soon. The setback in their usual nap routine is often connected to some newly acquired skills. So keep your fingers crossed!

Tips to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

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One of the most common tips that you may receive to encourage walking, is to make your toddler wear shoes. So, should babies wear shoes when learning to walk? The answer is a bit tricky.

When you’re indoors, or on safe surfaces outdoors, skip the shoes! Let your tot walk barefoot, or non-slip socks at the most so that they can develop their arches and learn coordination and balance.

Should babies wear shoes when learning to walk outside? Yes, but keep the shoes flexible and lightweight, while steering clear of tall booties. Too much ankle support might constrict their movement. Some other tips are - holding hands, getting them a toy like a tiny lawnmower or shopping cart, and leaving a tempting trail to entice them.

Final Words

There’s no definitive answer to at what age do babies walk, but it will probably happen when your baby is between 9-15 months. Try not to stress too much, as every toddler has their own pace to learn. Instead, try to encourage them as much as you can, and if you are still worried, consult a pediatrician. Happy walking!


Writer: Debarati Das

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