5 Tips To Stop Siblings From Fighting

Sibling fights are normal, they compete, set a conflict, and then finally resolve it. If they are best buddies in one moment, they can be arch enemies within the next few seconds. Kids’ fights are natural unless they turn physical. Punching, biting, slapping, pulling, and pushing can be scary for both kids and parents. Every parent wishes to watch togetherness and love between their kids.

I have seen mothers feeling helpless when the kids’ rivalry reaches an extreme level. Several social and behavioral factors are responsible for it in addition to the wrong attitude of parents. Normally, they don’t know how to tackle such situations. Their wrong strategies can give a boost to daily conflict episodes.

Today’s blog is for all the parents who want a peaceful environment in their homes. Read on and follow these tips to stop your siblings from fighting.

1. Avoid Comparing Your Kids

Most parents especially, mothers, compare their kids. Remember, just as 5 fingers are not equal, your kids are also different in habits, intelligence, problem-solving, and socialization. If one of your kids has bad marks in a subject, it doesn’t mean that he will do the same in each test. Never pass these remarks, “You are such a failure, learn something from your siblings”. Such words can worsen the situation. Even if you keep on following this strategy, your kids will fight more and more.

The best solution is to relax and ask him peacefully the reason for bad marks. If he or she is having a problem in studies, try to solve it. In the end, show your love and make a promise that he will try to do better next time.

Try to give individual but equal attention to all of your children. You’ll notice a dramatic reduction in rivalry by doing this.

2. Negotiation To Resolve the Conflict

When kids’ conflicts are simple, enjoy them. Keep ignoring them as long as you can. These are just attention-seeking behaviors. When kids realize that mom is not paying attention, they will resolve the conflict. Such conflicts can resolve automatically without your interference.

But when the conflicts go physical, it’s time to step in. Separate them quietly and listen to them one by one. Never take sides. Allow them to share their feelings. But if the victim uses hateful language towards the other, gently correct him.

Also, listen to the aggressor. Let them know about their bad behavior. Finally, hug them and encourage them to say sorry to each other with a clean heart. If you force them to say sorry without listening, it may end up in another aggressive fight.

3. Don’t Get Mad

To be very honest, parents of this modern age need behavioral and emotional training too. Mostly, a mother has a lot of responsibilities. You ignore yourself for the sake of your kids.

You sacrifice your rest time. You forget to eat properly. As a consequence, you go into depression when no one takes care of you and no one listens to you.

Ultimately, you get mad when kids fight. You throw out your depression at your kids. You hit or punish them without listening to them. Such things can get worse with time.

As a mother, first, you have to keep yourself fresh and away from depression. Stay calm and positive for the sake of your kids. Ask yourself if you can live without them? Never. If you feel hard to get rid of depression, seek a psychiatrist’s advice.

Once you are healthy, you can take good care of your family. 

4. Encourage For Positive Attitude

Teach your kids turn-taking, self-discipline, sharing, resilience, and playing fair rules. Praise them when they are behaving well. This way, they’ll show this positive attitude again and again just to make you happy.

For example, if you see one of your siblings has shared a toy with the other, give him positive feedback such as,” You did a great job. You know sharing is caring”.

Similarly, if your kid has behaved well at a family gathering or a party, encourage him by saying,” You behaved nicely in the whole ceremony. I really liked it. You are such a good boy”.

In the end, set a small party and celebrate this positive attitude. Your nice feedback will surely do magic in making them well-behaved.

5. Show Your Unconditional Love

Kids are pure-hearted. They don’t lie until you teach them to do so. They only demand your love and only love. Assure them how much you love them. Give them individual attention regularly. Listen to them when other siblings are away.

Remember, never give superior or inferior labels to your kids. Since it will put a detrimental effect on their relationship that will last forever.

Try to buy the same clothes and shoes for your children. Also, ask their choice before doing their shopping.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the mentioned tips, you should take steps to minimize the screen time of your children. Research has shown that increased screen time is also associated with kids’ aggressive behavior. Hopefully, you can get the peace of your home back by following these tips.


Writer: Meenaas

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